Been a long, long while since I’ve posted something meaningful.

Anyway am back!!! Ain’t got much to say only that in the past 4 months much has happened. Personally, spiritually, mentally. So much has changed.

Finally, adulthood is here. No more running away. Time to learn how to embrace it, live with it.

The past 6 months have taught me to be confident, bold & brave enough to face fears in order to press ahead for the destiny ahead. Either fear or faith can triumph, which wins?? Ultimately I decide who does.

Thankfully with god’s grace, I chose the latter.

It’s been an exciting time too, having a whole new mindset about work, stress & pressure. Having a good long break at Siem Reap, traveling about Angkor Wat & surrounding temples. Finding myself & picking up a good read by Susan Cain: The power of being quiet

An awesome read, revealed myself to what I’ve always known for along time: A closet introvert but a learned extrovert.

And found a really interesting vacation job. As what?

Recruitment Consultant

Interesting eh? Getting to see the various jobs on the market, all the applicants, their mentalities, mindsets, demands, skillsets, personalities.

The world of human resource, labour markets & job markets.

Wish I could write more but it’s 1:30am. Work calls, will write more next time. Time to rev up the dream machine again!!!!

Gonna be 25 in 2 weeks. Lots to ponder about.