After this post, I’m not gonna comment anymore about Luis Suarez nor Patrice Evra

Spent the better part of a day cooling tensions. Either on FB, twitter, smses & face to face.

Yes united had the victory. Score read 2-1, united were the better team.

No matter what happened, the Suarez Evra handshake shouldn’t have turned out the way it did. Suarez has apologised, kenny has apologised and the club has apologised. So let’s move on.

I won’t condemn Luis though. No matter what people say, he has my adoration and though I may not agree with all of his actions: he is still my favourite player and is a seriously misunderstood character. He has an unquenchable will to win with enormous passion and unpredictability. You never know what’s gonna happen next once he has the ball. What a player.

Having said that, he does have his flaws. Awful temper, he can do better in curbing it and expressing himself properly on the pitch. It also helps if he can mature from this whole saga & being a better person & player from all this.

Ive read his short story and I know he’s not a malicious person, just someone incredibly driven with an amazing will to win. He’s also not afraid to go to extremes and is even prepared to sacrifice himself for the better of his team. (a part-time keeper for Uruguay vs Ghana)

Having said that, the reason why I’ve defended Suarez to the hilt is also because of loyalty. He wears the shirt and is a member of the family, the prodigal son so to speak. Yet I also understand that I’ve crossed the line and offended a fair few united fans in this period. For this I sincerely apologise.

Also, the reason why he is my favourite player (not gerrard, nor alonso, they’re my most respected and in my top tier of players I look up to) is that there’re many, many similarities between us both. I’m also temperamental, tending to the extremes at times. And willing to do whatever it takes to win regardless of cost or consideration for people at times, not withstanding the fact he’s also my age

Anyway, he has apologised, I’ve also apologised to the relevant parties and learned many a lesson about relationships and discipleship in the process. Winning isn’t everything. Respect, honor is.

To this, spent a better part of a day shutting myself off social media only to see a sh*tstorm over this. Which leads to this: are we really the moral authority we’d like to think we are? When it comes to accusations? Do we really like to put somebody down just because he has done wrong? Even so, isn’t it better to just let it pass?

As the bible says: it’s better to remove the plank in our eye rather than accusing our brother of having a speck in his.

Just did the same in the LFC FB groups, trying to get the hate down and give cool heads & perspective. Both sides have been at fault throughout this. The jeering of evra at Anfield, the slaughter of Suarez at OT. The racist tees and jerseys. The Suarez t-shirts.

And I sincerely hope to anyone reading this: be it you’re a hardcore red like me, a man utd fan or a neutral. Let’s learn to live with one another and not go out of the way to hurt each other. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way and almost lost a few relationships. And it helps to have self control and not unleash emotions on social media too. One moment of release can lead to many days of repairing and hurt especially if done online. Taking deep breaths and staying away from any form of communication helps greatly

We aren’t the moral authority by ourselves, but together we can help restore it by showing it to one another properly.

Peace. From a loyal but repentant red