Pretty pissed off with the Suarez Evra affair. Disillusioned with the reporting of the whole thing. And most disappointed with the amount of people playing judge, jury & executioner.

Ok, it seems like I’m in the minority here being wholly behind Suarez. How is it that a man, is solely targeted at & discriminated against is hounded like this? This is unbelievable

Rivalries are supposed to be on the field only, though there’re times people cross the line, myself included I admit.

Yet this has crossed the line, seeing people simply behaving as though they were there personally and condemning luis as if he had murdered their family.

Seriously, what has he done to you? A little perspective please. Open your eyes and look around. If Evra is really a victim. At least he should carry himself with dignity and if Suarez was really at fault I’d hold my hands up and admit I’m wrong. Yet seeing his celebrations at the end, does that speak of a man of honour?

Utterly disgusted at how someone can be hung, drawn and quartered in public. Whatever good name he has is completely shredded and the only ones he has left are Uruguayans, LFC and possibly Ajax fans. Not least the media, completely lost respect for certain people in this saga too.

At the end of the day, things happen and we move on. Those whom still harp on it. Let me ask you this question: what importance is it to you that justice is done? Have you stopped and asked yourself: If you were in his shoes, let’s say if, you’re wrongly accused. Will you just yield in to the accuser like that? You’d stand your ground too. That’s the difference between his ban in holland for biting & this. He knew his mistake when at Ajax and he accepted the ban. If he is really guilty of racism, at least consider why LFC are wholly behind him and the fans even more so.

Before tarring all reds as racist, consider the fact that reds hail from all corners of the globe, Africa, America, Europe, middle-east, Asians, Chinese, Koreans, arabs and so on. If he really is guilty of racism as believed. The club and fans will deal with it firmly and swiftly ourselves.

So please, stop and think about what you’re saying and adding your ‘two cents’ into this. Many voices can eventually become ‘noise’ that clouds the truth of what really happened.

Please, place yourself in the shoes of the accused for once and consider all positions. Let’s not be a random accuser, for we never know one day it could be you, or me that’ll receive all this.