It’s been awhile

Things have changed for the better, though its been really tiring. For some reason energy seems to sap REALLY quickly.

Yet things are on the way to become better. 2011 has been a challenging year, yet a breakthrough year in some aspects.

For the first time I’ve thrown off the stigma of living up to everybody’s expectations. And to also have courage.

The rhema: Joshua 1:8-9

Courage, Law, Redemption.

And the chance encounter with an old SOT classmate, she reminded me of the power of visualisation, of words, of speaking to the future.

Yeah, it did work before at the last marathon didn’t it? Kept confessing it’ll be the fastest yet, came to pass.

Torres was lost. But Suarez came.

Exams crashed big time, yet the 1st class remains reachable.

Family didn’t respond, yet one step closer.

Friends didn’t respond, but they’re open to me.

I still believe, 2012 WILL be the best year yet.

P.S And my little prayer lord?

Straight As this year, a valuable internship with no lack of finances, a trophy or two for LFC. Suarez’s name to be cleared(and to meet him face to face). Sister & mum to get saved. CG to grow 2-3fold. Personal capacity to expand and touch many, many more lives.

And for the first time, I want to share my space with that special girl.

Between you and me, let it be the year.