Nothing beats the joy of finding your limit. And then pushing it

Had a great run with Wanli & Alvin for the full marathon. Even though we started 40 minutes late cos of organisers’ screw up over logistics.

Turned out that all of us had to do a running battle against 70+% of the runners trying to get ahead of them!! Hit my personal Best of 4 hours 42 minutes. A good way to end the year well after earlier disappointment in the 100km.

I’ve run non-stop for 3 years now. Distance clocked minus training is 6 full marathons, 1 half and 60km completed in the 100km challenge. Which means I’ve covered 8 marathon distances in 3 years (334KM)

And I’m feeling the effect on my knees, with the worrying propensity to vomit after 30km, my body is giving lots of warning signs to slow down. So I’ve decided to take a break for a year, I’ll be back in 2013!!!

Not to worry, I’ll be open to help anyone wanting to train for a full marathon. After all, all the experience accumulated must be put to good use right?? After this is a physical gift given to me by God to use and develop

And yes, won a major battle with my mind after struggling for so long.

No longer do I have to live up to anyone’s standards, because even God doesn’t have one

No longer do I punish or diminish my self-esteem because I didn’t meet someone’s perceived standards. I’m free!! =)

Feels good to just smile to myself, and smile without a reason