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When the mountaineer has scaled a peak, he looks for new ones to scale.

When an explorer has finished charting ground, he looks for new lands to explore.

Likewise when an athlete finishes a race, he scours around and prepares for his next.

Too many times we hear of people’s dreams and visions. Wanting to do this, wanting to achieve that. Everything is about themselves, theirs, and them being the focus of everyone’s universe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against chasing your dreams. It’s good!! having a goal in life is way better than merely existing and wandering around in circles. If not, lots of time will be spent (and wasted) seeking an answer to that question.

It’s just that: do we stop and look around? Can we forget ourselves for a moment and look at our fellow man next to us? Take some time, talk to ’em. Listen to them speak, too often we complain about not having anyone hearing us and yet ignoring the brother/sister next to us crying for help.

Great men have spent their lives helping good men. The greatest men and women have given their lives to aid great men. After all, how often do we hear people say: my greatest dream is to help you achieve yours?

I believe we’ve that within us, we just need to listen to it from time to time. And let’s not hush that voice with rationality. The greatest things don’t always follow rationale nor logic:

Just as the founders of two of the world’s leading technology giants didn’t complete their University education.

Or a team beaten at the halfway mark could stage an almighty comeback against a juggernaut of an opponent at the biggest stage

Or a small boy armed with five stones could defeat and behead the most fearsome giant in his time.

Or how an ostracised, ridiculed, hated man could give his life and not only forgive, but redeem those very same people whom wanted him dead.

Let’s bring this closer to home, literally:

How a sleepy fishing village could grow into the metropolis of today, after being told it has no natural resources, physically and economically disadvantaged in the space of two generations?

That’s right: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Liverpool FC, David, Jesus of Nazarene, Singapore.

All of them defied logic.

So many times we fail to pursue our goals, being beaten back by ‘logic’. Social or acceptable norms. Being ‘safe’.

Guess what, none of the above got what they have today by being ‘safe’. They got it in the midst of risk, crisis, events which threatened their existence, at their lowest points, shaking their very cores and thrown the most daunting challenge. They’ve stood up and not only proven themselves: But they’ve defined and changed history.

So many times we’ve talked about being worldshakers, history makers. But are we truly? Ready to step out and make the bravest, boldest, most insane act of all?

Yes, whomever’s reading this, I’m talking to you.

What is your dream? That quiet little dream you’ve always cherished? The one you were afraid to say in case someone laughed and mocked?

Well I’m no different, in fact, I’m gonna go one step further: Let me tell you some of mine.

1: I’m gonna be an economist. To foresee events of this world and foretell what’s gonna happen. Then prepare what’s needed ahead so everyone will’ve more than enough for their needs.

2: I’m gonna be the owner/leader of Liverpool FC. To lead and inspire this storied, magical and proud family back to its’ glory. And to send out a message that dreams and visions CAN indeed be resurrected. There’s no need to take the easy way out.

3: I’m gonna be a leader of men. To help and inspire ordinary people around to shoot for their dreams and point them in the direction they’ve to go. Be it in anything in life. An advisor, mentor, teacher. So to speak.

4: I’m gonna have a happy family. With a nice and cosy home, a virtuous & beautiful wife with two wonderful kids. Even though I might be busy with my responsibilities I’ll pledge to give my utmost for them. And fulfil their needs as much as I can as a father, a husband and a man.

See? Don’t be afraid.

Purpose. We’ve all had one. Otherwise why would we be here? Yes our lives may have completely varying paths. But we can work together, with each other. There’s no need to pull away or work against each other.

We can all pull together in the same direction. Yes, we can.

Be brave, be bold, you can do it. Run after it. Whoever’s reading this, just know that I care, and I’m running with you.

I’ve always been drawn to the underdog, always has, always will be.

Seeing them getting trampled raises a certain fury within, to fight for justice.

‘Give a writer a pen & be amazed by what he can write. Give an artist a brush and he’ll paint an awesome picture. Give a singer a tune & he’ll sing a touching melody. After all, the most amazing moments in life is discovering what lies within you’

Someday when my time has come: I like this to be my defining quote

I love these moments of peace. When you shut off those noisy moments


A future to look to, a platform to aspire.

It was also a rude shock, seeing the stuff and roots within me.

Chastened……frankly shocked, stunned and disappointed by all the crap within me.

Well… least this will teach me to be humble, to reside in him

What’s the point of achieving my dreams if I don’t become a better man

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