Preparation, Habitation, Unity, Determination.

‘s been quite awhile since the last update. So here goes.

It’s gonna be a quick one anyway.

Another month of self discovery, certain things have changed, and I’ve discovered new stuff about myself, life lessons learnt & realignment of certain heart issues.

First: Reservist

Finally, The ghost from my NSF days is finally released. My new unit is shiok!!!!

The men in my reservist unit is my upperstudy batch, so none of those difficult ones in my time remained.

Furthermore I couldnt ask for more for future ICTs: STAYOUT FOR ALL LOW/HIGH KEY TRAINING (except overseas training)

And even then it’s places of 10+ more hours of flight time!! (not in asia, hint)

And got Silver for my IPPT (at a stage when most men deprove, I’ve actually IMPROVED, SBJ is personal best at 226cm and back at my 2.4km peak in NSF days: 10min 48sec)

And the icing on the cake: finally got to use the SAR after 4 years and went for retraining & combat shoot: MARKSMAN

So its a total of $100+ + $200 + $200= $500+/-

It’s really ‘xian ku hou tian’. Gonna aim for IPPT Gold next ICT!!! (Still Cat X btw)

Second, back to school, and this time its a lot easier, for one its easier to be disciplined after tasting failure.

Just grateful for the close friends I’ve in school. And this time I found it easier to be confident and assertive in the things I do. (A sharp increase in D)

Also just finished a last minute gig for Ashton, a product launch for Canon.

And boy, what a enriching experience it was!! Discovered a new talent for managing and flowing with people.

And in future for stage management, staff management and discovered something within: the ability to keep calm and perform under pressure.

Wow, and this is after reading this word: 1 John 5:4
For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

Thank you God.


And also…. certain things within are starting to slip away.

Even after playing my hand recently, Started to have second thoughts.

Some part of me already let it go. Yet another part wouldn’t. Had me considering it for some weeks now.

But then the answer came today: at midnight and at the event’s end.

It was affirmed who it would be. And the answer came later and proved my heart and conscience….

It could’ve been possible, yet i didn’t want it, even though it was more attractive.

It came and I considered it seriously, but then loyalty came into play. It hurt me to even contemplate that possibility.

And that was the answer =) I’ll just wait and prepare for that time