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Ok, ‘s been a while

Finally finished my stuff at HSBC, made new friends, learnt lotsa new stuff and gained a whole new perspective.

It’s also been awhile since I blogged my heart out, so here goes:

School has restarted unofficially. While it’s important to have goals, it’s also important to have steps and methods and crucially the discipline and momentum to drive through.

Which is why I’m devoted to 7 hours of study per weekday, 3-4 hours on weekends. Treating studies as a full-time Career.

And restarting my regular runs again, its great to simply let loose and run with the wind!!! Gonna build up to that level of endurance and go under 4 hours 45 minutes for Standard Chartered 2011.

And I thank God for Today. It was truly a word in season.

Motion, momentum, impetus.

Time to set things in motion and I remember HS’s reminder:

come into my world, speak unto existence. Your words have more power than you can imagine. Whatever you desire, speak it out!!!

My words have power.

Everything I’ve aimed for, studies, ministry, family, career, relationships, spiritual progress have been reignited.

But I’ve gotta root myself and be disciplined once more, once again no more fooling around.

And I thank God he has spelt out my gifts and callings to be again.

My ministry gifting: Prophetic, and teaching

Potential to develop: Pastorally.

Unique and special gifts? Discernment, I realized I can ‘sense’ the state of a person and empathize. Interestingly to also prophesy and feel where the person is headed, and the special gifts, callings, directions, encouragements a particular person needs. It can either come in the form of a word, particular verse, a picture, gut instinct, character (reality/fiction) or simply as a metaphor.

Also, another gift is wisdom, the interests I’ve are abstract, information based. I’ve a specific gift to extract and understand information quicker than the normal person, and usually react and initiate faster than the average person. When others comment and wonder, I’ll think of the next step and the solution. Like it somehow all falls into place in the “big picture”. Wisdom is more…..intuition? Somehow I can sense and anticipate what’s about to happen and what are the steps to do next. Also to empathize and ‘calm’ the person down before offering the solution (no wonder God always places me in situations to deal with people)

Which can also lead to, counselling?

Perhaps in time, about to start in icare, a new ministry that offers a listening ear to the neglected ones and the lonely depressed and needy.

All of a sudden God has unlocked something within, to probe and find what makes particular people tick, and to comfort, encourage, nurture them and set them in a particular direction where they should be headed.

Now, to find out how to use that gift properly…..

Now it’s time to progress: manage finances, time, studies , relationships better. Also to spread horizons, recently became very interested in fashions, trends, styles and dressing. One should look good, and find his own style of dress according to the identity he/she has. (Zara, Topman, H&M, Domanchi, Timberland, Lee Cooper etcetc)

Time to bring out all that creativity within!!!

P.S. If you’re reading this Janice. Isn’t it amazing how God suddenly reveals something about yourself to you after praying for it weeks/months ago?