Wondered why certain people are always so attractive,

or in the case of this entry: why some players captured my attention.

Many players have played in the famous red, few have caught my imagination. Who are they?

Three in particular: Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard & Luis Suarez

Why Xabi?

He’s the first name on all my jerseys, and the first I have on a none LFC jersey.
Xabi is class personified, plays with such grace, poise, elegance yet with grit, determination and quiet leadership.
If there’s someone calm and in control; it is Xabi. The elegant passmaster

Now for Gerrard,

Enough has been said about him, his achievements speak for itself. But what I’ll remember most about him is: he carried the team in its’ lowest periods, so many times when a saviour is needed, he’ll be there (Istanbul, Cardiff, Olympiakos), he has been tested, tempted with glory and riches. And he passed the test. He has given his career, his energy, his strength and his passion and above all: his life to Liverpool.

He has been a superman, he still remains committed, and by his presence alone inspires ordinary players to do more and he is great at just about everything. What’ll be his legacy won’t be talent nor gifts nor achievements, it will be his character and legacy. That’s why he’s the 2nd best ever red behind the king.

Out of every player I’ve seen, he has earned the utmost respect.

And finally, Luis Suarez.

I’ve watched football for 13 years, and I’ve never seen somebody capture my attention in an instant. Many special players I’ve watched: Gerrard, Zidane, Beckham, Henry. But Luis, oh luis.
He has something very unique, yet common. He is ridiculously skilled, fast, strong, creative, daring.
Suarez can do many things, he can run, he can work, he is smart,but what I love in him most of all is: his fight

He does so many, so many insane moves, unexpected and incredibly ridiculous stuff in games. I’ve never watched a game in him without him being quiet. He runs, never stops working, he fights to the end, and ain’t afraid to mix it up and play dirty(reminds me of myself, seriously). So much passion, so much fight. Even when the team is winning by 4 goals, he wants to win by 8 (watch how he reacts when the penalty wasn’t given for the fulham match away last season, hilarious). And of everyone I’ve watched: Alonso makes me go, how did he see that? Gerrard makes me go: and he does it again!! the hero and captain!!!

Suarez just makes me grin and laugh cos he’ll do something out of this world, he’s just insanely fun to watch ­čśë

The goal to remember? that shot from a ridiculous angle against Sunderland. The move? THAT dribble against the mancs. Torres may make defenders look old, but Suarez makes them look stupid. In fact, i believe Suarez has something Messi and Ronaldo lack: that passion to fight to the death. He is a born streetfighter. And his fight is greater than his already ridiculous talent. I’m not kidding that he may even, eclipse Gerrard as a better player. Seriously

He is the most outrageous, insane, ridiculous, courageous, entertaining, infectious player I’ve ever seen. Period

In a nutshell: Xabi Alonso is the player I love most, Steven Gerrard is the one I most respect, and Luis Suarez is my favourite player.

There’s more who come close, though they may be the supporting cast; I do love and appreciate them

Raul Meireles, Lucas Leiva, Dirk Kuyt, Charlie Adam, Daniel Agger, Pepe Reina, Didi Hamann, Sami Hyppia, Javier Mascherano & Maxi Rodriguez

For those I’ve left out, as long as they played their heart out without moaning, I’m grateful to them all.