Just a quick one

The job is tiring, handling people, enquiries, requests, demands. But that ain’t the hardest part of the job.

It’s their expectations: the higher the stakes, the heavier they get.

And boy, once u fall, the fall is hard.

Anyway, it took me a month, but finally I can run again.
Did 7.5 km around bedok reservoir, that place brings back memories, good and bad, with some lingering regrets.

But it didn’t matter.

God spoke to me during the run, he always does whenever i fail to do my quiet time, so he speaks to me as i’m doing something I love. And I’ll always remember what he told me during the run:

You have limits, I know, it’s tiring, but my love for you will never wear out. It’ll only grow stronger and deeper

And this came to my heart

We are people with limits, loved by a God with no limits

One step at a time