Two days at HSBC now, seeing the stress and feeling it firsthand.

the stress is good, makes ya better and helps you focus. Now I’ve seen the banking sector for myself, I’ll know what to expect when working here in 3 years’ time.

I’ll be turning 24 in two weeks, time to grow up, plan ahead and actually act on it. Seeing the rising costs in SG It’ll be the grace and miracle of God if I could somehow get married by the age of 30 and have kids by 32. And call me traditional, but I’d dislike my wife to actually work out of sheer necessity if possible, I want to provide for her fully if I could so she’ll only work out of choice and passion. It can be done.

Anyway decided: just one full year break bef starting to train for 2013 ultra, this time I know what to do and what to look out for with 2 marathons leading to the buildup.

Bombastic headache.

Still paying the price after the ultra. As if my immune system finally rebelled after severe stress with every little sickness piling in