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You have a strong inner motivation to assertively create and implement new ideas.
You handle pressure well – you strive for excellence and expect others to do the same.
You are innovative but tend to avoid risk taking.

Wow. And I was a high C & S back in 2005.

What a difference after all those jobs/people/experiences and trials. But most of all God has made in me

She is so special,

Just thinking about her makes me wanna give my all, my utmost for her.

She makes me wanna be a better man. Maybe that’s what being in love is like

Wondered why certain people are always so attractive,

or in the case of this entry: why some players captured my attention.

Many players have played in the famous red, few have caught my imagination. Who are they?

Three in particular: Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard & Luis Suarez

Why Xabi?

He’s the first name on all my jerseys, and the first I have on a none LFC jersey.
Xabi is class personified, plays with such grace, poise, elegance yet with grit, determination and quiet leadership.
If there’s someone calm and in control; it is Xabi. The elegant passmaster

Now for Gerrard,

Enough has been said about him, his achievements speak for itself. But what I’ll remember most about him is: he carried the team in its’ lowest periods, so many times when a saviour is needed, he’ll be there (Istanbul, Cardiff, Olympiakos), he has been tested, tempted with glory and riches. And he passed the test. He has given his career, his energy, his strength and his passion and above all: his life to Liverpool.

He has been a superman, he still remains committed, and by his presence alone inspires ordinary players to do more and he is great at just about everything. What’ll be his legacy won’t be talent nor gifts nor achievements, it will be his character and legacy. That’s why he’s the 2nd best ever red behind the king.

Out of every player I’ve seen, he has earned the utmost respect.

And finally, Luis Suarez.

I’ve watched football for 13 years, and I’ve never seen somebody capture my attention in an instant. Many special players I’ve watched: Gerrard, Zidane, Beckham, Henry. But Luis, oh luis.
He has something very unique, yet common. He is ridiculously skilled, fast, strong, creative, daring.
Suarez can do many things, he can run, he can work, he is smart,but what I love in him most of all is: his fight

He does so many, so many insane moves, unexpected and incredibly ridiculous stuff in games. I’ve never watched a game in him without him being quiet. He runs, never stops working, he fights to the end, and ain’t afraid to mix it up and play dirty(reminds me of myself, seriously). So much passion, so much fight. Even when the team is winning by 4 goals, he wants to win by 8 (watch how he reacts when the penalty wasn’t given for the fulham match away last season, hilarious). And of everyone I’ve watched: Alonso makes me go, how did he see that? Gerrard makes me go: and he does it again!! the hero and captain!!!

Suarez just makes me grin and laugh cos he’ll do something out of this world, he’s just insanely fun to watch 😉

The goal to remember? that shot from a ridiculous angle against Sunderland. The move? THAT dribble against the mancs. Torres may make defenders look old, but Suarez makes them look stupid. In fact, i believe Suarez has something Messi and Ronaldo lack: that passion to fight to the death. He is a born streetfighter. And his fight is greater than his already ridiculous talent. I’m not kidding that he may even, eclipse Gerrard as a better player. Seriously

He is the most outrageous, insane, ridiculous, courageous, entertaining, infectious player I’ve ever seen. Period

In a nutshell: Xabi Alonso is the player I love most, Steven Gerrard is the one I most respect, and Luis Suarez is my favourite player.

There’s more who come close, though they may be the supporting cast; I do love and appreciate them

Raul Meireles, Lucas Leiva, Dirk Kuyt, Charlie Adam, Daniel Agger, Pepe Reina, Didi Hamann, Sami Hyppia, Javier Mascherano & Maxi Rodriguez

For those I’ve left out, as long as they played their heart out without moaning, I’m grateful to them all.

Just a quick one

The job is tiring, handling people, enquiries, requests, demands. But that ain’t the hardest part of the job.

It’s their expectations: the higher the stakes, the heavier they get.

And boy, once u fall, the fall is hard.

Anyway, it took me a month, but finally I can run again.
Did 7.5 km around bedok reservoir, that place brings back memories, good and bad, with some lingering regrets.

But it didn’t matter.

God spoke to me during the run, he always does whenever i fail to do my quiet time, so he speaks to me as i’m doing something I love. And I’ll always remember what he told me during the run:

You have limits, I know, it’s tiring, but my love for you will never wear out. It’ll only grow stronger and deeper

And this came to my heart

We are people with limits, loved by a God with no limits

One step at a time

A HSBC employee

How does it feel?

Frankly, awed, happy, proud.

What a prestigious employer. So much stuff I’ve learned and picked up.

Not just the banking products and services, loan and overdraft facilities, credit cards, time deposits, current accounts/multi-currencies, premier banking services, traveler privileges etcetc.

This job has also sobered me, it reflects the life and society we’re living in nowadays.

We have two spectrums, those who have it and those who don’t. Frankly speaking for many of us who don’t have it (as of now) we’re constantly stuck in this rat race of keeping up with costs, loans, mortgages. But also being a banker I’ve seen & accessed multiple accounts there is a picture drawn of financial mismanagement in our lives.

Many of us complain & moan of not having enough cash, not having enough of this & that. But in reality, are we really able to control ourselves? To rein in our spending and managing what we have? Granted, we are human and there are always wants and desires in our lives:

That nice bag, that beautiful car, the dream home, the perfect holiday.

All of it needs cash, no two ways about it. Many times we need to learn to discipline ourselves and plan carefully how we are going to get it, at the same time also we need to segregate the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and prioritze carefully.

How many have run into bad debts cause of credit card bills? HSBC interest rates are at 24% I can safely say.

How many have ran into serious debts cause of extended loans, abuse of line-of-credit and other credit facilities? The collections department in HSBC are amongst the most active divisions on the floor, and repossession with auctioning off valuables is not a joking matter. Many times people demonize the bank and the employees, calling us coldhearted.

But banks have to be that way, have those of us who’ve taken on loans without considering the consequences should things go bad? How many families have been torn apart thanks to money problems? If banks are so charitable everytime, they’ll cease to exist, and all financial integrity in society would be lost. Anarchy and chaos will follow with the subsequent economic collapse. Why? there is no more secure guarantor of resources once the banks go.

Luke 14:28-29

New King James Version (NKJV)
28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— 29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him,

Bluntly put, we’re architects of our own situation, we have to face reality and learn our lessons.

Yep, not all gloom and doom though. I’ve also seen the fruits for those who’ve properly planned their finances in their youth and are enjoying in their maturity.

Privileges, perks, strong and stable incomes with the focus on providing and making a difference in society without fear of where their next check’s gonna come from, yep, money is not the ‘be all end all’ though it comes pretty close.

How many influential figures in society are millionaires/billionaires?

How many important figures are known for their financial savvy? You get the picture

Maybe for most of us, our desire is just to simply build and lead simple lives of provision for our families, a safe secure future for our children, financial freedom for ourselves. All of it depends on our decisions now, what to save for, how to invest, what to spend on etcetera.

Or there are those of us whom desire to be great, to wield tremendous influence and do wondrous things and shape society. Of course financial planning and knowledge is a must. One of the first indicators of a person’s credibility would be: is he good with his own finances? If you can’t provide or feed yourself and your family, what assurance do others get that you can lead and influence them?

That’s why personally, Christians whom desire to be poor have misunderstood the parable of being poor, being smart with finances enables abundance and prosperity, and through that, the gospel can be funded. A person’s character can also be seen by how he manages his bank account. No kidding

Finally, through this job I’ve finally understood the parable of the three servants, and also of being a good ‘steward’. Of our money, of our resources. On one hand with proper management of resources and the shrewdness and knowledge to grow them, God can safely entrust more into our hands. To the contrary, if we squander and waste everything that comes into our hands, splurge on all our desires at once, do you think God will entrust those riches to us? We know the answer.

Bring this a little closer to home, would you rather put your money in a bank/financial institution with dodgy practices? Or one with little sense of security? Or one with a track record of prudence and stewardship over your hard-earned money? HSBC has gained its’ reputation through decades of hard work, preserving it’s good name with sound financial practices, a conservative approach to managing risk and avoiding ‘dodgy’ schemes and customers. As an employee I can tell you we’ve stringent checks of customers’ who deposit assets with us. They won’t consider someone without a clear explanation of what their funds are headed to, the purpose of its’ use and their origin. Even if its’ as large as millions-billions. Integrity and ethics weigh far more than profits alone.

We can have financial prosperity, but it comes to those whom are prudent, and are good stewards over what they’re entrusted with.

Matthew 25:21

New King James Version (NKJV)

21 His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.

I thank God for this HSBC Job, nowhere else would I learn to be financially prudent and mature

A key shepherd in your campus….

You’ll be a guardian of keys, and a sharp & instant analyzer. The sheep you’ll have are full of calibre.

And you’ll be a solution for them all.

But you’ll have to completely surrender to me. To be a shepherd you’ll have to be shepherded by me, everyday

Zechariah 4:6-8

Not by power, nor by might, but by the holy spirit

I’ll felt HS speaking directly into my heart tonight. To rise up, the KAIROS moment.

Everything else’ll have to wait & be settled in his time. Not mine.

That includes family, career, finances, my own dreams, and of course. her

No more games

I’m yours to use lord

Two days at HSBC now, seeing the stress and feeling it firsthand.

the stress is good, makes ya better and helps you focus. Now I’ve seen the banking sector for myself, I’ll know what to expect when working here in 3 years’ time.

I’ll be turning 24 in two weeks, time to grow up, plan ahead and actually act on it. Seeing the rising costs in SG It’ll be the grace and miracle of God if I could somehow get married by the age of 30 and have kids by 32. And call me traditional, but I’d dislike my wife to actually work out of sheer necessity if possible, I want to provide for her fully if I could so she’ll only work out of choice and passion. It can be done.

Anyway decided: just one full year break bef starting to train for 2013 ultra, this time I know what to do and what to look out for with 2 marathons leading to the buildup.

Bombastic headache.

Still paying the price after the ultra. As if my immune system finally rebelled after severe stress with every little sickness piling in

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