One? or zero? or One-zero?

How about one-zero-zero. Not one, nor 10, not even 50. But 100

Seriously, I’ve not felt this kinda fear before. Not since before ‘O’s, nor the night before NS enlistment, not even the first 42km. This kinda fear that tells you your life is in danger, that injury is a likely probability. Sometimes even a formality.

In short, the kinda fear that makes you think: Can I do it??

But thank God for Alvin, for W375, for friends whom encourage me otherwise, pray for safety, completion and finishing this superhuman challenge. And to fight fear, not only do I have to face it, but counter with courage, strength and will.
Checking off the list, clothes, shoes, gels….. What I’ll need the most to finish, courage, belief and most importantly: GOD

I can do this