First time spending QT in a while.

So many truths, so many revelations.


A false prophet claims his word is from God, whereas a true prophet speaks God’s word to his people. Simple as that

And……a real stunner. The reason why I’m studying economics?

To prepare myself for public service. And step in to serve nations when the call comes.

Now I know why John is truly beloved by God. All of the verses I’ve been prompted to is from the book of John, 1 john, 2 john , 3 john these days. All about love.

Well: If need be, I’ll enter Politics as an economist trained statesman. But I’ll want to build my track record and credibility first.

Bombshell: Not with the mainstream party. But H.S revealed to me this:

Serve not because of your dissatisfaction for the present government’s policies. Serve because you love the people, to truly provide for them when the call comes. Love them even though they may not understand why.

Got a feeling many things are gonna change in the coming weeks.