What a weird day today

Met up with plenty of old friends, reminiscing about days gone by, looking forward to things in the future.

Heh, had this odd……..erm shall I say tendency? Of predicting/prophesying to people about certain stuff, careers, growth, family, etc.

Especially relationships.

It just comes as a feeling, you know? how things are gonna turn out. The moment I told W her proposal from Mr W is coming, describing to M her future husband/career and hinting to D about when’s his BIG day coming. Heh

And the weird thing is: after I do something like that, people start coming to them/things begin to happen!!

Esp J, a close dear elder sister of mine. after I told her prince is coming, Another gal pal, let’s call her Y tells her the EXACT SAME THING 10 minutes later

Same for W. How weird. Like it’s inevitable

Then the next thing I know: 3 people tell me the same thing about mine!!

1st: Mrs Y asks me when is mine coming and gave me invaluable advice about BGR. And building back my self-esteem

2nd: D asks me and hints mine is coming near.

3rd: W & M tells me not to give up hope and continue to chase (mystery gal) and remind me of my vision with her.

And that same inevitable feelings came back. You know, the same ones last year
After shoving it down recently and telling myself to focus on studies. To forget about her, at least till exams are over.
And it all comes back just as I’m ready to bury it.

Yeah…..well, cause of that I couldn’t sleep. And I kinda got emo and wondered, am I really ready? Do I really like her, or is it just a passing phase?

Might just be a sign, anyway. No moves till May 24th

and the weirdest thing, this cheered me up:

(MV/s mirrored btw)

Nothing suits me like a suit
Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) – How I Met Your Mother

I know what you’re thinking
What’s Barney been drinking?
That girl was smoking hot

Yes I coulda nailed her
But no it’s not a failure
‘Cuz there’s one thing she is not

To score a ten would be just fine
But I’d rather be dressed to the nines
It’s a truth you can’t refute
Nothing suits me like a suit

Picture a world
where all the boys and girls
Are impeccably well dressed
That delivery guy
in the jacket and tie
That puppy in the double-breast

That ’80s dude in mutton chops
That baby with a lollipop
That lady cop who’s kinda cute
Nothing suits ‘em like a suit

Wingman I can wear
They’re oh so debonair
The perfect way to snare
a girl with daddy issues

In navy blue or black
Check out this perfect rack
I want to give them a squeeze

Oh really? Then answer these questions
If you please

What would you do if you had to choose
Between your suits and a pot of gold? Suits.

What would you say
If you gave your suits away
In return you’d never grow old? Suits.

What would you pick
One million chicks
Or a single three-piece suit? It’s moot.

What if world peace
Were within your reach … Abbadabada I’m gonna stop you right there. It’s suits. Come on, Lily. Get your head outta your ass.

Two! Three! Four!

Girls will go and girls will come
But there’s only one absolute
Every bro on the go needs to know
That there’s no accepted substitute

I’m sorry suits, let’s make amends
My Sunday best are my best friends
Send casual Friday down the laundry chute

‘Cuz nothing suits the undisputed oft-saluted suitor of repute
Like a …. wait for it …

Then again, she is pretty hot.

The only guy to make suits……HOT

HIMYM really clicked with me, even though I’m not much of a TV guy.

Ted Mosby’s hunt for his kids’ mother, eventually finding her (after xx years?)

Kinda the same desire in my heart

Not to mention BARNEY STINSON. Yep the playboy, but he’s HOT, suave, debonair and most of all:


I know, many of his deeds are X-rated and immoral, but he really can pull all that off. Why?


To find it back, finding my own strengths back and being confident. And above all, being smiley, jovial, confident, AWESOME.

I’m suiting up tomorrow!!!! Haha.