There is something about stillness. When everything seems to be quiet, serene and tranquil…..

Ever felt this way before? It’s wonderful…..the world at peace, the world being so quiet.

Am studying at the airport. Brushing up on maths and statistics. Dry repetitive subjects that need you to hammer home the basics yet blending in the fluidity and creativity to tackle challenging problems.

And while attempting those equations, had a funny flashback and insight. Since I was a kid, I loved attempting maths questions. There was something about them being so logical, so stimulating yet so fluid. Numbers never lie!!!
Yet, doing maths requires diligence as well as brilliance. The brilliance comes in flashes, but it is the graft, practice and hard work that will give that brilliance a stable platform to shine!!!
Those days back in school, I was one of the outstanding kids, shining in my maths and English. However something happened along the way. Guess what?
Yep: Family and algebra. Sounds ridiculous but its true!!!
Family turmoil and seeing letters that don’t quite add up caused a change. A reaction that made me behave in a certain way.
Adversity brings out the best and the worst in everybody, in my case. I became afraid, and I retreated; to protect myself from any hurt. And I daren’t try it again. Hence this habit I’ve brought forward today.
On the other hand, it has helped mould my fighting spirit and determination. Helped create this drive in me that will fight to the end, to the death if need be. (yeah, it can go to that extent) Well, God has been really gracious to me in a way: he has used common grace to teach me many things, to show me what is really beautiful. To make my minus into a plus. Examples?
Marathon Running: fighting through the odds, fighting yourself, pushing your limits and facing your fears.
Liverpool Football Club: Funnily enough, my life is very closely intertwined with this …… team. Is it just a team? Not really……….
In mysterious ways, those days of being an atheist. God has used LFC to teach me values, character. Loyalty, endurance, pain, suffering, standing fast and eventually tasting glory, glory earned through hard work and teamwork. Above all: commitment
In those things God has placed foundations in my life, to prepare for his entry. And then set my calling into place.
Being an economist is complex. But their role is simple-seeing things before they happen, and doing something about it. Also to interpret dreams and visions. (Graphs, charts, trends, markets the like)
They need wisdom, wisdom to discern the complex data and to dissect into simple terms and solutions. Also wisdom is needed to pass on that knowledge to the powers-that-be in a gracious yet firm manner.
They need focus, cause their work is so complex!! And it’s very easy to be distracted. To lose focus along the way. And one slip, one mistake and there goes the solution……
And God’s way of teaching them?
Wisdom: people- I’m not a natural people person. Whatever skills or charm I might have is trained through constant interaction. All kinds of people: in the service line, sales, government work, surveys etc. Actually I’m a pretty private and secretive guy, but God has constantly placed scenarios where I’ve NO CHOICE but to step out. Hilarious
Focus- Distance running. You need focus, lots of it. You need determination, lots of it. 42 kilometers is a number, a big number for your feet. Either you train beforehand or you pay the price later and learn it the hard way anyway. A normal human being will go through pain, excruciating pain (whether you’re fat or thin, tall or short, Kenyan or Singaporean). Focus helps numb that pain. Determination helps to keep those voices in your head in check. And eventually there’ll come a point in time where you’ve just have to switch yourself off. That old you, negative you, those unhelpful emotions. And when you’ve done that: congratulations!!!
It’s either that or dropping out. Yep I know- I’ve to relearn that for my 100km run (Learn not to see the pain or the number, learn to switch your brain off)
And finally the last lesson: Love-Being a problem solver for people is the ultimate aim for the economist. Social problems, wage problems, economic problems, government problems, maybe even personal problems too. And because the economist is an analytical, vision based career needing a combination of logic and intuition makes them truly indispensible people to society.
Now: what if those economists had love? Wow
They’ll make it their life’s work to tackle the problems of society, unemployment. Also through constant interaction with people of all classes and standings. All talents and abilities with varying character, he/she is trained to discern what a person is like and how to communicate/work with/help them.
Yep, see the link? My life has been a series of ‘forced’ interactions with people. From the corporate world to the man on the street, governments to the service sector. From thinking and planning in the higher ups to the dirty work done on the ground.
The people I’ve met have been a kaleidoscope, and I suspect there’s more to come.
Being in church, and strangely enough: a Liverpool fan have taught me unconditional love. People come and go, but my love for God will always remain. Star players come and go, but my affection for Liverpool will always prevail. And being an economist-in-training has helped me explain, teach, counsel and extent hope to people. And learning how to use my intuition with logic properly.
To do that well…I’ve to do the things I dislike:
Practicing my maths and stuff. To overcome my perceived dislike. Talking to people, well I have an aloof (stuck-up ) face. And I’m pretty private as well (I have a softer side, only those I’ve trusted will know). And I can get painfully shy at times (though people will see a stern and strong exterior, just protecting my vulnerability).
Jobs have taught me initiative, daring. I’m someone who usually sees and senses things before they happen, but does nothing about it (explains why I’m still single, lol). Now well, I’ve to do something about it. Cause after all: Who dares WINS
Sensitivity, that God-given gift to discern, especially about people and how things have happened for them in the past and what it will be in future, the innumerous visions and dreams, that ability to narrate and direct. Empathy, understanding, flowing emotions and to even prophesy.
And this came to me while doing my work (with one eye on the transfer news =P)
Well, that made me stop my work and pen in this entry, before it is lost somewhere in a forsaken section of my mind
It’s so peaceful……..

PS: 2011 will be a wonderful year, promotion, stability and growth.
Goodbye Fernando.