Met up with April after a long time……

Like: two years??

Enjoyed the sharing sessions, the parts about how things were back in ’06 and how things are now.

Back then all we’re talking about is kiddish stuff and now look:

Engagement, career, relationships, planning for children etc.

We’ve all grown up!!!!

Yes it’s true, for guys. Sometimes all it takes is one girl to change us, make us better, through their patience learn to be more giving, protective of our own families. To ensure a balance between family and career.

And it’s a fine line to tread between!!!

Also had a revelation amongst all that during dinner: Both April and I went through tough childhoods with various stuff (broken families, dysfunctional parents etc). But we can choose to either cling onto the past or move ahead and make our future.

And we chose the latter!!! =) And was really glad to see April grow after these 2 years: Well done April!!! (awaits wedding announcement 😉 )

Despite all that people, or myself have suffered. We’ve grown stronger and better out of it. And I can anticipate the people I’ll be talking to and counselling in the future.

So here’s the revelation:

Use your sufferings to add positivity, sunshine to their lives =)

Romans 8:38 in action

P.s – God, my prayer is that I’ll find her this year. I don’t want to walk alone for much longer