Okay, enough is enough.


After 13 years of following you, loving you and fighting for you. The unbelievable has happened.


Everyone is united in disarray: Thanks to you Uncle ‘Woy’


I’ve endured so many years of watching this team slogging their way in matches.

Evans & Houllier’s attacking naiveté.

Houllier’s defensive caution (and boredom).

Rafa’s tactical ingenuity (and eventual decay/inflexibility).

But none has compared to yours!!!

………………………oops I’m sorry, was there anything to note????





Thanks to you Roy, you’ve managed to break the sacred bond between the kop and the managers.


Thanks to you Roy, we had our worst start to the season in over 57 years (pre-shankly days, WOW).


And thanks to you Roy, you’ve brought us to our knees.


And for the first time in 13 years, the unthinkable has happened.


For me (and I suspect for many others worldwide). I’m gonna boycott the very team I love.


I’m gonna stop watching ALL, yes you read me: ALL Liverpool FC games.


Until you leave Roy.


Being a red is the hardest thing a sports fan can endure. And you’ve made it worse. There was something you could do, but you didn’t.


And you’ve shifted the blame EVERYWHERE ELSE. You’re everything an LFC manager shouldn’t be.


To everyone else reading this, don’t get me wrong. I still love this club, but I’ve had enough.


My patience has snapped. Until Uncle ‘WOY’ leaves, I can’t bear to watch this team go into continual decline.


But then to everyone else still following, I salute you: Everyone remembers YNWA. We’re all with you


Only Uncle ‘Woy’ will walk alone.


Anyway, exam dates are out.


Gonna turn on the mugging, and switching everything else unnecessary OUT of the system (except church, running, that’s about it).


And that includes LFC. Until Roy leaves.


P.S, I still love you. LFC, but I need a break. I’d love to be back at Harry’s cheering you on and singing the songs.


And I’ll visit anfield, soon.