Dear NESV, Custodians of this great family also known as Liverpool Football Club

I’m furious


I’m aghast, pissed and completely beyond myself.


Ever since I made that choice as a red way back in 1998 it’s been a real adventure.


To grow up with this team, sharing success, sorrows and joy.


The highlight was that night in Istanbul in 2005. My visit there in 2007 was a dream.


Even though we failed to take the title in 2009 it was ok: the mancs had the luck of the devil.


And I’ve seen many storms, MANY storms in the last 13 years. The 11 games without a win in 2002

Finishing 7th in 1999, at my 1st year of following this team.

Houllier’s eventual decline.

Losing in Athens in 2007

Seeing Alonso leave, followed by Mascherano without being adequately replaced

And even crashing to 7th last season when we were expecting to at least challenge for the PL.

The stormy takeover and the high court soap opera.



But they pale in comparison to the performance today:





For the first time: I’ve begun to doubt my support for this great, sorry. Once-great team.




Yes, we fans are emotional. We put our absolute best, our all behind the team. We’ve been through many crises, through thick and thin.

After all, how many clubs have went through highs like the 18 league wins? 5 european cups? The boot room tradition? Kop End? Seeing players like Keegan, Dalglish, Rush, Hansen, Grobbelar, Souness, Barnes, Fowler and now Gerrard and Torres?

Lows like Hillsborough, Heysel, seeing our fall from grace?

Of course you’d expect us to be emotional seeing what we’ve went through.

Liverpool fans are the most loyal too. we’ve stuck with the club through thick and thin, weathered many storms, pushed players on, supported our managers and ignored lies told about the team, lies told about us.

The media don’t know us, they’re there only to serve their agenda. They’re waging a propaganda war on us.


But to NESV, the playing staff. Don’t ever take loyalty for granted.As you’ve seen the legendary Kop raising teams up and battering opponents into submission (Chelsea in May 2005). We can also turn against those out to destroy us (see the two years preceding Gillet and Hicks courtroom battles and the Sun). We’ve singlehandedly reduced the Sun’s subscription  to virtually ZERO in Liverpool after those lies about hillsborough. Through an unlikely campaign of emails we’ve singlehandedly evicted those corrupt two americans.


The Kop isn’t just a wall of ‘noise’. We’re a living breathing tidal wave that’s been here for years before: and for the many years after.


Yes we’re loyal: yes we’re patient.

NESV, please don’t take our loyalty and patience for granted, you’ve seen what we did to Gillett and Hicks. I for one don’t wish the same on you.

Sack Roy Hodgson, please. The man has no idea what he’s doing. Absolutely clueless to tactics, he has no plan B.

Alienates players such as Torres, Cole, Johnson, Agger and Reina.

Refuses to play better players such as Aurelio and Agger.

Brought in seriously inferior players like Konchesky and Poulsen.

Plays competent ones such as Meireles out of position

Has no courage to stand up for his own men.

Has a mindset too ‘small’ for success.

And above all, he fails to take advantage and inspire his men to be the best that they can be. And he has even turned on the kop and shifted blame on almost everybody but himself!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice man. But he doesn’t have the calibre to manage us. And most importantly: he doesn’t ‘get’ us.

We aren’t stupid people, as I mentioned, we’ve seen many things. We were here long before Hodgson, we will be here long after he leaves.

Sack Roy now if you don’t wish for your investment to lose value

Actions speak louder than words, we are waiting, and we’ll defitnitely be watching


from this faithful longsuffering fan.


P.S. Rafa’s in town!! 😉