Change: It is inevitable


Whether or not we’ll accept it defines how far we’ll go in our development.


As time goes by: the more we realise it is impossible to control the environment about us.




We can choose to either be 1: disappointed-> disillusioned, and stubbornly cling onto the past.

or 2: Go with the flow and change everything from the top down-> and run the risk of losing your own identity and sense of self.

There’s also 3: deciding upon what to change and what not to change. Certain aspects such as core values should NEVER be altered. That’s what made YOU in the first place. And that’s how people will remember you by.


But we can change how we think, how we act, how we behave and how we react. And also with maturity, wisdom comes, knowledge is acquired, and self-control is learned. As many seasons go by in life, many things will definitely be experienced. But whether or not a person chooses to use it to his/her advantage will depend on the level of character and willingness he/she has.


As one conquers a level, the next logical step is: UP. He/she cannot stay complacent. For complacency eventually leads to oblivion, regression and eventually destruction. As such, maturity is vital to whether a person’s able to utilize the experiences, lessons and skills acquired to his/her advantage and eventually for the benefit of others.

Take what many have experienced such as: the growth of a child, throughout his education years, to the time he goes through teenagehood, stepping into society, into higher education, into the workforce and economy, eventually finding the need to settle down and build a family, raising his/her children and building a solid foundation and finally building a firm and stable foundation for the next generation.


Isn’t that the structure of life?


Though it needn’t be that way entirely. It varies from person to person. It all depends on his/her education, calling, background, personality, talents, timings/opportunities seized, environment but most importantly: level, depth of character (and maturity).


And thus I realised today: The person whom eventually succeeds is one who copes and adapts to change the quickest, without losing his/her core values and identity but instead uses whatever changes to his/her advantage.


Of course: it is okay and natural to have doubts and fears, and to wonder or not if he/she will ever cope and make the right choices. It’s part of growing up =)


And eventually, everyone finds their own way. Key is: what is your own advantage, your unique strength and weakness? How do you apply it to your situation? If the odds are stacked against you: how to level the playing field?


Then the next step: master your fear, overcome those obstacles. Surround yourself with people whom are ready and willing to help you. At every stage of life you’ll need different skills and abilities to help you out. That’s what friends are for!!!


But of course: your most important choice is the partner you choose to help you for the rest of your life. The right partner will bring you a long, long way. The beauty of this partnership: you’ll want to make him/her the best that he/she can be, even if they don’t feel up to the task.


Hmm odd, pouring this out after three days of rest from a draining government job. Oh well


Here’s reflecting on the rollercoaster that is 2010!!!


2011 is gonna be more challenging, but yet more rewarding =)