Been shagged out lately.

Collecting a ton of surveys via phone or home visits. All in the name of the Manpower Ministry.

And see much, heard much, learnt much. And I’ve also been spat on, scolded, insulted and rejected.

Funnily enough: Had it happened two weeks ago,  I’d be pretty upset. But no, now it’s like it doesn’t really affect me anymore. (And learnt a thing or two about people – especially Women)

Why? Is it because I don’t really care about it anymore? Or I just won’t let the opinions of others affect me like it did as before?

Hmm, or it is a breakthrough in my personal mastery? I don’t feel the tension around people anymore.

Anyway, what’s the point? I’ve learnt to let go and just be myself.

So…..If that’s the case, then there’s just one last test to see if I’ve indeed broken through in this area

Will I seize up and become tense when I see her?

Interesting….. 😉


Btw, gonna get my new Laptop this week:


Limited edition Bamboo series!!!! Woah, has my name and style written all over!!!!

And it’s no slouch: Just the way I like my stuff. Classy, cool imagery yet non-standoffish

And value-for-money!!!

Also, I’ve decided to take on the challenge.

Yes peeps: I’m signing up for this.

I’m mad!! Haha!!  One story to tell my kids and grandkids that this man was crazy enough to take on this distance.

(Gonna try finishing it in <15 hours)