And it finally turned….


Got back my confidence, my self-esteem. And sorry if I’d been acting like a brat the past few weeks …..


Hanging around with the gang today at marina. And saw those lights at the exhibition set me thinking:


The darker the night, the brighter the lights get; and, if colour is added and tweaked, refined and shaped into patterns, it becomes even more beautiful


Doesn’t it reflect people’s lives at times? Would you choose to fade into darkness and oblivion or shine the brighter: adding more colour and vibrance simultaneously? (of course, the usual easier said than done always comes out, but when one is willing enough, he will overcome all, no matter the cost)


And there was a display on dreams…. and then my mind wondered about poverty and bingo:


Everyone is rich, rich with dreams and ambitions. all of us have the potential to be prosperous because of all our hidden dreams.


But how many will forego their own seek to fulfil the dreams of others? From somebody’s viewpoint that’ll be foolish, from another it’ll be selfless. And all those dreams, bringing them into fruition; wouldn’t that be the greatest achievement?


Food for thought