And all it took was a run.


Had a giant wake-up call while doing my essay today. And truth is: I kinda dislike my new life. I didn’t like the person I was becoming, so easily irritable, a pale shadow of what I used to be at SOT. And I was fast becoming reclusive.


Felt the desire to restart my running and it was the rudest slap: I can’t even last 6km. How laughable!! A veteran of 3 marathons with enough experience and fighting spirit to last the distance can’t take one seventh the distance. And the marathon is barely a month away…..


So, what to do?


Desperate situations call for desperate measures? Not quite


In fact: it’s back to basics.


Gonna restart my life once over:

Inculcate back the healthy lifestyle I once had in the army: 5BX, a daily 5km run around the reservoir. A healthy diet(junk food once a week max).

Control my spending and set aside a weekly budget. Find back my prayer life. At least 2 hours a day studying

Above all: I need a companion to pour out my angst and s*it within. That’s my weakness, emotional stability (that’s why I suspected I had AvPD)

Summary: I’m gonna need discipline.

Restart once over……