Today’s a better day already,

2011 will be better than 2010

He is gonna do the things he’s been putting off for ages.

He is gonna risk embarassment and ridicule in some of the stuff he’s doing but who cares, he’d rather live his life to the fullest and say: ‘I’ve done it, I’ve tried, and I’ve no regrets’.

Even if he can’t go to Nepal this year, he will go the next.

Even if he doesn’t gets what he wants this year, there’s always the next.

Even if he’s going through the roughest time of his life, he appreciates the fact that it is making him stronger, wiser and more patient.

Even if he never sees Liverpool FC win the EPL, he appreciates the team and the miracle of Istanbul.

Even if he never gets the chance to go to Anfield and touch the ‘this is anfield’ sign, he has seen his heroes in the flesh from 24-26 July 2009 and he has an autographed jersey from Fernando Torres.

He’s gonna go after the things he loves, whether or not it happens. For that he is willing to suffer temporarily for an everlasting prize.

‘smiles on his face’