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This month has been horrible.

If you can bear with all the negativity and angst: carry on. If not: don’t read, what’s written below is not the usual stuff what Hector would blog.

It’s one long slog.

Work, school, home. Running back and fro from place to place.

Trying to keep my finances afloat, my studies up to par, reconciling and bearing the load for mum and sis. Repairing the damage done on them over the past 20 odd years…… Seeing the bunch of hypocrites coming to my place twice weekly with their nonsense and bulls***

And sacrificing my rest, alone time and quiet time.

Exhausted, pissed, frustrated, at the end of myself.

And Economics is not a superficial subject that can be picked up over a day, it needs to be paid attention to and thought over

And now: balancing all that stuff has taken its’ toll…

38.5 degrees, a hacking cough since morning, awful fatigue, a leaking nose and buckets of phlegm.

And I’m amazed, how could I bear all this for such a long time?? I’ve been charging non-stop since march. And finally my body has started to crack and give way.

Well, I dunno if anybody understands. Stopped bothering, just gonna leave it to God now. What else can I do

This is a Job and Joseph moment: suffering for god-knows-what, and being abandoned by his own flesh and blood.


At least my spiritual family has been more of a family to me than my own flesh and blood. They keep me smiling in the midst of all these. You know who you are people:

Thanks =)

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