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Time for a reality check.

And self-disciplinary action

The past two weeks have been a shambles, really. Not having the discipline to wake up early, follow through on the things I’ve given my word on. Not even being punctual sometimes…..

And there were occasions where I’ve lost my cool on pet peeves.(such as $$ issues, compounding stuff which adds up and a revealed secret: I can’t hang around in large groups of people for too long, it’ll be draining and eventually pisses me off, especially so when there are people whom don’t ‘get it’ when I need my space)

It’s normal to do that cos we’re human, however:

It ain’t good when it starts to pile up and burn others around. On a more regular basis.

“Alarm bells ringing”

I’m not perfect, I do have a horrific temper which when ignited. Won’t be calmed down easily and it does ‘collateral damage’ to the surroundings (people whom may not ‘get it’)

And I’ve hurt people cos of my temper, I admit.

I won’t try to justify my actions cos it’ll only compound the mess. If you’re reading this and I’ve offended you recently:

I’m Sorry………

Time to go back to basics, time to find back myself, time to find my peace back in him……, and to tame my flesh

perhaps that’s why I’ve been so angsty these days


It’s that time of the year again:

THE game of the season:

No fear lads, let’s GIVE IT TO THEM.

Remember that no one is invincible, the mancs can be beaten.

Not gonna let their taunts get to us, we’ll do our ‘talking’ on the pitch. Let’s be confident lads!!!

Harry’s gonna be rock & roll awesome tomorrow night


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