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It was unbelievable


A prophet amongst us has left…… and God has indeed saved his best for the last.


He spoke into our lives just before he left……revealed to us many mysteries, words of wisdom and knowledge of our future. For Jesher, Alvin, Janice, Malcolm, Wan Teng, Myself, Eugene and Joyce……


Our callings, our gifts, what we were meant to do, even the specific timings of our blessings, anointings. Promises that he’s set aside for us. Even our innermost hurts, fears and stuff…..


And right there, even at the airport, we cried, felt the presence and love of God so strongly there and then. We can’t help but weep..


And that was his parting gift: Huihui’s not the most vocal person in the world, he’s no extrovert. But when he speaks, when he preaches…… my god!!!!


He’s easily the most anointed preacher we’ve, I’ve ever met in my life. And he’s an appointed prophet..And forgive me for saying this, he is the most special man I’ve ever met in my life, one that is so close to the spirit, to God himself.

This is my tribute to him, a most special preacher, a humble man of God. And he WILL bring revival in Hangzhou, thousands will be saved because of him. And he was our classmate, he is my friend.

I’m so happy and proud to’ve met him in my time at SOT…Miss you Huihui

We’ll meet again soon!!! Either at Hangzhou or back in Singapore for Asia Conference 2012.