When a call is given, a certain set of people will answer.


There are thousands, millions out there hearing the call. But who will answer?

The Best?

The Brightest?

The Talented?


Those whom answer are the willing.

I’ve struggled with those thoughts just now, during prayer meet.

When the call came for new leaders to arise, the burden came upon my heart just like that: And the first thought that came to my mind was:

Am I ready?

Am I worthy?

God: Will You respond? To my call?

Me: But…..how? There are many things I don’t know…..

(Images of my past, my present situations started creeping up)

God: I know what you’re going through Hector, will you give them to me?

How to become a cell group leader when I’m not even a connect group leader??

And at that exact moment: Images of Medan came flashing through my head

Leading the first cell group, sharing my family’s testimony and personal transformation. Which led the cell group leader to pray for me, and an atmosphere of love came down. Ended up not preaching on my original message and was completely led by the spirit throughout.

Going to Awie’s cell group the second night, a cell group full of leaders: youth leaders, marketplace owners, worship leaders, full-time church staff and even an ordained pastor. And then I asked God in the midst of worship the same question.

How? I’m not even worthy!!! I’ve only a simple message about God’s rest to preach!!

At once I saw the image of Jesher interpreting for Pastor Johnny during prayer meet that morning, ‘Jesher’s chinese might not be the best, but he stood up and was willing. So I used him. Son, if you are willing, I will use You to minister to them. Preach to them in faith’

And so I did, and the presence of God that night was soooooo Strong and Tangible!!! Tears were shed, people were ministered, even Awie looked broken and touched.

‘See child, even if you refuse to have faith in yourself, I’ll still use you. You stood out for me in Medan and I worked through you. Stand out for me, and give me your life. And I’ll do greater things through you. Now, are you willing?’

There’s only one answer after that.

And the burden came down so strongly…..the price to pay was willingness, obedience, brokenness.

‘I’m going to use you in your university days, in your days in the marketplace, I’m going to raise you up, train you up, to be a shepherd, a salt and light in the marketplace. If you are willing.’

All those dreams…..

to become an economist


to see my whole family placing their lives in God’s hands

becoming a marketplace leader

a minister to nations, such as China, India, Indonesia, travelling worldwide.

Happily married to a wonderful girl

Raising up a happy, fruitful family

Becoming a strong, determined marathoner

Owning Liverpool Football Club one day.

I lay them at your feet lord…..