This came at a most unexpected time..

Just a week after coming back from the mission field, yeah. I should be blogging about the trip and the many amazing things that happened there.

But another sucker punch came in my weakest spot again.


And of all people it’s my dad again……

He prayed for my family to come into union with HIS god.

This especially aches, especially when you’ve struggled, to love your family, eventually bringing them to church. And seeing them getting saved……


Is this a test?

Or a case of spiritual warfare??

If it is: I’m not giving up without a fight. That THING has chosen the wrong guy to pick a fight with. Especially with the almighty God on his side.

I’m not gonna stop, my family WILL be touched by God.

Even my father. I don’t know how it’s gonna be done. It’s all in your hands Jesus…….

You hear this many times in prayer

‘When one in the household is saved, ALL in the household shall be saved’

I’m gonna keep believing…….