The list of stuff I need to clear:

Prudential ($223)


MJ’s cash for mission trip flight ($100)

Eugene’s loan ($20)

Outstanding building fund ($478)

New shoes ($30-70)

New Laptop – for studies & work ($1200-2198)

A new earpiece-20-30

So adding up, it equals $ 3392.

Not including my monthly expenses of $101, $74, transport fees abt $100-120, tithes and offerings.

And yes, a replacement camera for my sis. A sony cybershot T-900 ($679).

And yeah, make it two, so another $679

So adding it all up: 679+472+303+223+100+20+2298+679=$4750

Haven’t include my living expenses yet!!

Time to work hard, my financial breakthrough must come!!!

Confess confess confess!!!