It’s been 6 days

Even though it feels like 6 weeks!!!

Just touched down at 10 this morning. Mission trip was super hectic, but really fulfilling.

Saw many things, signs and wonders, felt the fire and presence of God so strongly. And miracles happening and following all of us…

Kinda worn out right now, fell sick last night during R&R at Medan, kinda sian when others are enjoying their nasi padang and taking a stroll along Merdeka Walk while you’re lying down in the car taking a breather =(

Somehow by God’s grace I was able to board the return flight this morning, KOéd for about half the flight home and came back feeling super rejuvenated spiritually and emotionally, but drained physically.

Will write out the details, lessons learnt, all the experiences and the miracles sometime this week. My life is never the same after returning from Medan!!!

I will return there in the coming years to help them in whatever way I can