Even in this busy hour, the last few before flying to Medan.

Just wanna take some time off to pen some thoughts

Preparing for this trip: has officially changed my life, even before going!!!

Leading an adult CG there, maybe preaching at a youth outreach for high school students (not confirmed yet)

Doing a hip-hop routine during the weekends……

I’ve never felt this joyful, this happy before in my time at SOT. This time we’re going out, to change lives, to change the world.

We’re on the verge on something great here: team 20 and the 25+ odd of us going there is gonna ROCK and TURN MEDAN UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!

And we’ll never be the same once we return, I’m sure of it. Even in the midst of doing God’s work I’ve found Joy and a new passion. No prizes for guessing!!!

Hip hop. It has helped me to rebuild my self-esteem. And in the long run maybe a social butterfly?? Haha!!! That’ll be a bonus!! (not tt impt mind you)

And I’m not gonna let anything bring me down, or rob me of my joy in serving. Let’s do it everyone!!!

Time to chiong my two sermons before flying off tomorrow morning: Cya back on tuesday morning!!!

Watch this space