Newfound passions of late:

Hip Hop

It’s gonna develop my confidence, expression of self and ultimately self-esteem.

Plus current ones:

Marathon Running

To keep my eyes focused on the goal: The finish line. To endure, excel and overcome.

And the ultimate dream: Qualifying for the Boston by age 33

In the meantime, will go for London Marathon in 2014 (while studying in LSE for Masters-by faith)

One life: Live it boldly, bravely with no regrets!!!

Gonna enjoy, excel and be joyful for the rest of 2010 and beyond!!!

End of a phase in SOT, start of a new phase with SIM-UOL, AIA, Usher ministry, CHC & MY zone, personal life etc.

And the ultimate calling as an Economist, impacting the world, becoming a renowned influencer of businesses and societies.

Even one day owning:

Alvin believes it can be done before I turn 40. Can I do it??

It’s a simple matter of having faith big enough for it, and exercising it

‘It’s not how you begin the race, it’s how you finish it. And enjoying the scenery and adventure along the way.’

Every test, trial and obstacles will make it all the more sweeter:

Bring it on