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Just did up my SOT board:

A remembrance, of all the things that’ve happened, the pain, the tears, the victories, joy and laughter together…

And I’m gonna do some more: the vision board, prophecy  board, the prayer board and verses. Will settle that this thursday/friday.

Isaiah 43:18-19

Do not remember the former things,
      Nor consider the things of old. 

Behold, I will do a new thing,
      Now it shall spring forth;
      Shall you not know it?
      I will even make a road in the wilderness
      And rivers in the desert.


Now onwards, another chapter of life awaits!!!

Gonna send Jun De off at the airport later. Ting Hong & Ya Nan flying off at midnight.

Hui Hui & Bo Quan on thursday, and Ting Ting flying off on friday night….

Gonna miss them all!!! =( We’ll meet again soon in China/Singapore and share all the great things that God’s gonna do for our lives & ministry.

Love all of you

Okay, this is long overdue

Mission trip and highlights!!!! The adventure that was Medan

Day 1: 5th August

The flight there:

A pretty short one, ’bout an hour.

Yeah, that’s half the story (unglamness aside) Woke up at 4 in the morning. Almost not making aboard the plane, (signs of spiritual warfare?) having cell group that night (another long story in itself)

And yeah, we were picked up by Pastor Nuah (Deputy senior Pastor of Medan Harvest), Awie (youth leader, businessman, marketplace leader) and gang. Their Hospitality was awesome!!!!

And yes, we went to work almost immediately: allocation of cell groups to go to, breakdown of who’s bunking with who, the services and special events we were to grace. Dumping of our stuff in the hotel rooms and immediately preparation for sermons, offering messages and stuff began (note to all future SOT students: There’s a reason why mock cell and preaching test IS SO IMPORTANT, take it seriously!).

The first miracle happened bef the first cell that night: Ming Jiao & I were given this adult cell in the middle of the city. Apparently Awie told us that they were an adult cell with an average age of 30. Yay, both of us were happy enough!! But oddly, while meditating in his presence: verses of love and messages of grace and forgiveness kept flowing into my heart!! (And I prepared a message on prosperity btw, a super ‘gao zai’ confirm shake the earth kind). And I took it to be for the youth service tomorrow and brushed it aside(first mistake). And ming jiao found her offering message being drifting in the direction of love also: freaky huh?

And that night, after a hair-raising motorbike ride (an experience in itself) going round and round Medan for 30 mins. We arrived at the place and shock horror shock: An elderly family was there waiting for us!! (there goes my prosperity sermon) Kids with an average age of 5-8, housewives and men averaging 55-65. (ages together averaged totalled 30. yeah, the average age was 30 =X). And immediately in the space of 15 mins both of us had to change everything!!!

and so the cell group began: our interpreters did an ok job, and the praise and worship was in bahasa (MJ & I were flowing and singing in the spirit together), it was beautiful. (And also I’ve never been so desperate for God’s anointing then) It went like: Ok, you win God. Please please please guide me what to do!!! What to preach!!! Howhowhow???

Towards the end of worship; I felt God speak into my heart: You speak from your heart, and I will do the preaching

And as shared earlier, I preached in the direction of meeting needs and healing hurts, suddenly, the word shifted in the direction of deep emotional hurts, especially in the family. At that moment, I felt led to share my personal testimony of my life, especially my fractured relationship with my father. At that moment the atmosphere changed.

And in eventually, it ended up becoming a message on unconditional love. And to love those whom are the most unlovable. Then came the miracle: The CGL was so touched (later MJ shared that she saw him starting to tear when sharing about my dad) that he asked everyone to pray for me.

I was stunned, I came to minister to them and ended up being ministered. Tears came to my eyes when they laid hands and prayed for me.

Had great fellowship with them after that. When MJ and I returned to the hotel, we couldn’t stop talking about it!!!! Can’t sleep too!!! And words weren’t enough to express the gratitude to God for salvaging the situation(and how awesome he was back there……..)


Lesson for day one: God puts you in disastrous situations so that his glory will shine brightly within us. We are the light that cannot be hidden!!!

And of course, don’t try to jump ahead of God and heed the warning signs when they come!!

That was that: my first time ever leading a cell group =)

Day 2: 6th August

Yep, You’ll have noticed I have no pics for this day: Cos I lost my Camera!!!!!

Long story:

It began with prayer meeting at 6am, nothing remarkable, except that Jesher was interpreting (not exactly Xiaoting/Lulu standard but understandable).

Eugene asked the night before if Wan Teng & I were willing to take another cell last minute. And we’re both like: why not?

And even during the the morning prayer, I received a word to preach for that cell: Entering into God’s rest.

After last nite’s experience, this time I know what direction to go!! Then came another last minute bomb: Organize a short games session for a youth outreach at noon.

Worked with another teammate and came up with a short simple yet interactive game (a miracle in itself as I’m not exactly an I person). With the help of Awie(the best bahasa interpreter in the world =) ), brought the house down at USU (Sumatra’s finest university) and pumped them up

Ps: until the school principal had to come in and quiten us down, haha. We were THAT loud.

Then came the whammy: while having lunch at A&W (yeah, plenty of wonders and signs in this mission trip), I left my sis’ cybershot camera (and only realised it 3 minutes after leaving the place) and it was gone. Gone in 3 minutes…

It felt like a straight hammer into my heart. Not only were those pictures gone, but how was I to answer to sis???

Felt so depressed while heading up to the next place to minister: Bukit Doa Drug Rehab center. Thoughts started coming to my head: You can’t preach while you’re feeling like this!!! How to speak about God’s rest when you yourself  aren’t right??!! Don’t go!!! Give up!!!!

That afternoon, while listening to Gabriel’s sermon (a simple one on love). I reasoned within me: Look at them, do they even understand what Gabriel’s preaching? They are much worse off than I am!!! And because of a camera I’m throwing a tantrum and refusing to do my work??!! And that won’t be fair on Wan Teng!! She already preached to the students and to ask her to preach again at the last minute?? How does that reflect on myself?? Wake up!!!

And so I put the camera saga behind and focused on the message. Hmmm, then came another surprise. Turned out the cell we were heading wasn’t the usual cell, but one full of late 20s-30s. As refered by my previous post: all marketplace people, church staff (including a worship leader and a pastor) yeah, no joke, a pastor coming to listen to my word.

Again I was full of doubt before the meeting. How how how?? I’m not even a Connect group leader!! You sure you picked the right guy lord??

Just then I was shown the image of jesher interpreting earlier that morning.

‘If you are willing like what Jesher was, I will use you’

Ok, so it began: it was the first cell I’ve seen playing worship (they have no praise btw) on keyboard. (they are really rich, I mean RICH)

And the atmosphere was deep, never soaked so deeply in the spirit before….. Then came the word.

This time round, it was so much better. It was simple, easy to understand, but crucially: God’s presence was heavy and strong, and soothing.. People were broken, convicted, in tears…… and I saw a side to Awie I’ve never seen before.

Afterwards some thanked me, saying they felt the message spoke directly into their hearts (Praise God!!)

And that wasn’t all. No…..the night’s still young

the signs and wonders followed us, I mean followed us!! During fellowship, Awie bumped into this old lady he had tried to reach out to a few months. But happened that it was raining and she hitched a ride with us. And that ride ……oh my, she was talking to Awie and he witnessed to her on the spot. And by the time he reached her home, he was guiding her to say the sinner’s prayer in hokkien. And immediately Ris, Wan Teng and I felt the Holy Spirit RUSH into the car, waiting for her to finish the prayer. And the moment she finished, we felt the spirit coming down Heavily, gently upon her……WOW

All in the space of 15 minutes. Evangelism in action. And it all happened in one night

On the trip back to the hotel, I wondered: If I had surrendered to my feelings, chose not to come, would Awie’s cell be ministered as they had? Would I witness the old lady being saved before my very eyes???

Then again, I felt this in my heart: ‘Hector, the camera was taken from you to test your love, you’ve chosen to serve me instead of dwelling on your loss. And this what I’ve worked through you. This what I’ve let you see. Now bring this back home, remember it, share it’

Puji Tuhan!!!! (PTL in bahasa)

And that: was day two!!

Day 3: 7th August

The dance

Let the pictures speak for themselves, it was awesome. Full of fire, full of conviction. It was a superb youth service with so much vibrancy and energy. The church and especially the youths amazed us. They literally had our DNA!!! Doing everything the CHC style, looking up to us as Pastors, leaders (when we’re only SOT students, nothing more nothing less), such humility and servanthood (makes me ashamed of myself, and looking at some of us back home compared to them).

Yeah, we did great!! =D

Day 4: 8th August

While everyone back home in SG queuing for seats and stuff. All of us went separate places: Medan Harvest, Bukit Binjal, Bukit Doa etc. We did various stuff, such as supporting children’s church, preach the word, share offering messages and sharing of testimonies (Like I did above at Bukit Doa Harvest).

And the final Youth service: Word by Pastor Ming Jin, Offering message by Alvin.

The best is saved for the last =)

Our Dance finale

We went crazy after everything ended!!!!!

And here were our Medan Heroes: Not us, Pastor Nuah, and AWIE!!!

Could say so much more but just realized the word count had hit mid 4 figures, lol.

And that’s all: our work has officially ended, time to PAR-TAY!!!!!! =D

Day 5: 9th August

R&R!!! The first day where we took our time to WAKE up for a change

Went for massage, shopping and whatnots….

And guess what we saw:

Can you imagine how gaga Alvin & I got? It’s cringeworthy!!! But you’ll understand (after bumping into numerous mancs here, manc posters, manc this manc that, even one of the cell group guys told me he’s a manc after spotting my phantom Gerrard jersey o_o) and this is the first sign of BROTHERHOOD we saw.

Not to mention Jody!!! (Pastor’s son somemore, don’t mess with the anointing!!! Hehehaha!!!) Same flow!!!

Had plenty of fun, crappy jokes by Pst Nuah, loads of bullcrap shared with one another. Friendships forged in the space of one trip what 4 months in SOT couldn’t. Even going to Awie’s bungalow (it was HUGE, pity I was sick that night =( )

And I didn’t want to return home….honest

Day 6: 10th August

Ok, nothing much. Just being able to get up and make it to the airport to make flight home is a miracle in itself.

And the sight of Medan while we took off is a sight I’ll always hold in my heart: leaving that place behind and all those wonderful people…….

I’ll be back, as often as I can. My promise to Pst Nuah, Awie, Pst Johnny and everyone!!! They’re officially my adopted church/nation now =)

Touchdown in SG? The first thing to greet us wasn’t Changi Airport, nor duty free, nor the cleanness of everything. But the SMSes and the emails….=_=’. Spent quite abit of time settling those and ‘resetting’ my mind back to SG mode.

We did everything, Preach, lead worship, share testimonies on stage, offering messages, ministered and comforted people. Planted seeds into lives, and I believe we’ve sparked a youth revival in Medan.

That in a nutshell (a humongous one I might add) was Medan!!! The mission trip of a lifetime!!!

Ok, the next point:


Now, in two days I’ll be graduating from SOT…..

And I remember what Pst Bobby spoke to us guys, the SINGLE ones that is =P

Well….need a few words with myself regarding that. Saw this post by Elise (just got to know her in SOT)

Quoting her blog:

“I want to be a wife who can bring out the best in her man.

And I will also want to find a man who can bring out the best in me.”

But the bottom line is, all these are possible only after going through a PROCESS. (:

Haha, well. Gotta look at myself when reading that line. Truth is: am I worthy? Not just to be a boyfriend but also as a caretaker, a pillar of strength when the chips are down, an overcomer when the going gets tough? Loving her even though she might not see it let alone understand?

And I know myself, there are certain aspects of me that needs to be taken care of before going into a relationship.

Looks like it’s gonna take longer than expected (better that way, rather a relationship worth waiting for some time while the both of us are moulded and trained to love, serve, bear with and understand one another rather than jumping in immediately and getting burnt badly).

Well, to know who that girl is: refer to the  entry titled insane move. If you know me well enough/sharp enough. You’ll know who she is =)

Well, it’s off my chest. On the bright side: UOL’s gonna be challenging but fun!! All the econs analysis, maths and statistics is tough and saps brain juice(though I won’t have it any other way, just the way I like it: a challenge). This is my calling. Everything I’ve been prepared for and it suits me to the core. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll knuckle down and adapt to it.

God’s word for me this year, again before SOT, throughout SOT.

Psalms 37:4

Delight yourself also in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

It is done: I’m gonna be a SOT GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When a call is given, a certain set of people will answer.


There are thousands, millions out there hearing the call. But who will answer?

The Best?

The Brightest?

The Talented?


Those whom answer are the willing.

I’ve struggled with those thoughts just now, during prayer meet.

When the call came for new leaders to arise, the burden came upon my heart just like that: And the first thought that came to my mind was:

Am I ready?

Am I worthy?

God: Will You respond? To my call?

Me: But… There are many things I don’t know…..

(Images of my past, my present situations started creeping up)

God: I know what you’re going through Hector, will you give them to me?

How to become a cell group leader when I’m not even a connect group leader??

And at that exact moment: Images of Medan came flashing through my head

Leading the first cell group, sharing my family’s testimony and personal transformation. Which led the cell group leader to pray for me, and an atmosphere of love came down. Ended up not preaching on my original message and was completely led by the spirit throughout.

Going to Awie’s cell group the second night, a cell group full of leaders: youth leaders, marketplace owners, worship leaders, full-time church staff and even an ordained pastor. And then I asked God in the midst of worship the same question.

How? I’m not even worthy!!! I’ve only a simple message about God’s rest to preach!!

At once I saw the image of Jesher interpreting for Pastor Johnny during prayer meet that morning, ‘Jesher’s chinese might not be the best, but he stood up and was willing. So I used him. Son, if you are willing, I will use You to minister to them. Preach to them in faith’

And so I did, and the presence of God that night was soooooo Strong and Tangible!!! Tears were shed, people were ministered, even Awie looked broken and touched.

‘See child, even if you refuse to have faith in yourself, I’ll still use you. You stood out for me in Medan and I worked through you. Stand out for me, and give me your life. And I’ll do greater things through you. Now, are you willing?’

There’s only one answer after that.

And the burden came down so strongly…..the price to pay was willingness, obedience, brokenness.

‘I’m going to use you in your university days, in your days in the marketplace, I’m going to raise you up, train you up, to be a shepherd, a salt and light in the marketplace. If you are willing.’

All those dreams…..

to become an economist


to see my whole family placing their lives in God’s hands

becoming a marketplace leader

a minister to nations, such as China, India, Indonesia, travelling worldwide.

Happily married to a wonderful girl

Raising up a happy, fruitful family

Becoming a strong, determined marathoner

Owning Liverpool Football Club one day.

I lay them at your feet lord…..

One of my personal favorites:

Closing time – open all the doors and let you out into the world.

Closing time – turn the lights up over every boy and every girl.

Closing time – one last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer.

Closing time – you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home…

Closing time – time for you to go out to the places you will be from.

Closing time – this room won’t be open ’til your brothers or you sisters come.

So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits – I hope you have found a

Closing time – every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home…

Closing time – time for you to go back to the places you will be from…

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home…

Closing time – every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…

Reflects my mood right now…..End of SOT, start of Uni. An era has ended, another has begun.

Supply & demand in exchange for seed-time & harvest.

Saying hello to Hypothetics instead of Homiletics

Lutheranism replaced by Lagrange functions

Calvinism supplanted by Imperialism

Eventually the Evangelistic gives way to the Economic.

Thank you God, for this wonderful time in your house. ‘s been many ups and downs. The exuberant highs of the skies and the unfathomable depths of the valleys. Indeed I’ve walked them all, walked it with you.

Impossible to think that this time last year: I’ve just ORDéd!! Can’t even last more than 5 mins in prayer. Can’t even fast for more than 6 hours (if you count it fasting at all). Worldview’s no bigger than me, myself and I. Having great dreams and aspirations and not even knowing where to start from. Let alone achieving them.

And not just me, everyone in team 20: Jesh, Janice, Alvin, Wan Teng, Joyce, Eileen, Ming Jiao and the rest of us have really grown from fresh-faced greenhorns to mighty men and women of God. We’re now ready and set on this great adventure laid ahead of us!!!  So proud of all of ya.

So ladies and gents: ever wish to change your life? And experience the adventure of a lifetime with exposure to amazing stuff, seeing visions and dreams, meeting people you won’t get to meet otherwise (having a pastor/reverend as a classmate for example), doing stuff one would find unthinkable (preaching to a service, dancing hip-hop, bringing down the fire and presence of God in a youth meeting)?

To sum it all up: Learning to step outta your comfort zone?

Come to SOT!!!

There you’ll be set free

There you’ll find your key

There you’ll receive certainty

That I’ll guarantee

(Yeah, lame but let’s trademark this first just in case. Hahah)

Off topic a lil’ bit

It’s been four years since accepting christ.

And the thirteenth season of being a Scouser.

Thirteen years of watching Stevie Gerrard grow.  From the nervous yet energetic youngster to that thundering, inspirational and heroic captain that he is today. Yep, I say unashamedly I do try to base my (attacking) play on him (though it stinks big-time) even though it’s clear I’m better off hunting balls (and players’ feet a’la Mascherano style).

Anyway, it’s good to be back at Harry’s. Miss the lads there, the best atmosphere away from anfield in this part of the world. Where we can scream, yell, sing, praise and honor our heroes on our pitch with no inhibition.

And of Course!!! Singing YNWA at the start and the end together. Come rain, shine, better, worst, victory loss or draw. The one thing that sets scousers apart from every other team is the legendary anthem. And the people’s spirit behind it.

Alright, off to study theology, romans, Linear equations/supply and demand and statistics!!!

What a sad/satisfying life I have ahead for the next 3 years, lol.

This came at a most unexpected time..

Just a week after coming back from the mission field, yeah. I should be blogging about the trip and the many amazing things that happened there.

But another sucker punch came in my weakest spot again.


And of all people it’s my dad again……

He prayed for my family to come into union with HIS god.

This especially aches, especially when you’ve struggled, to love your family, eventually bringing them to church. And seeing them getting saved……


Is this a test?

Or a case of spiritual warfare??

If it is: I’m not giving up without a fight. That THING has chosen the wrong guy to pick a fight with. Especially with the almighty God on his side.

I’m not gonna stop, my family WILL be touched by God.

Even my father. I don’t know how it’s gonna be done. It’s all in your hands Jesus…….

You hear this many times in prayer

‘When one in the household is saved, ALL in the household shall be saved’

I’m gonna keep believing…….

The list of stuff I need to clear:

Prudential ($223)


MJ’s cash for mission trip flight ($100)

Eugene’s loan ($20)

Outstanding building fund ($478)

New shoes ($30-70)

New Laptop – for studies & work ($1200-2198)

A new earpiece-20-30

So adding up, it equals $ 3392.

Not including my monthly expenses of $101, $74, transport fees abt $100-120, tithes and offerings.

And yes, a replacement camera for my sis. A sony cybershot T-900 ($679).

And yeah, make it two, so another $679

So adding it all up: 679+472+303+223+100+20+2298+679=$4750

Haven’t include my living expenses yet!!

Time to work hard, my financial breakthrough must come!!!

Confess confess confess!!!

It’s been 6 days

Even though it feels like 6 weeks!!!

Just touched down at 10 this morning. Mission trip was super hectic, but really fulfilling.

Saw many things, signs and wonders, felt the fire and presence of God so strongly. And miracles happening and following all of us…

Kinda worn out right now, fell sick last night during R&R at Medan, kinda sian when others are enjoying their nasi padang and taking a stroll along Merdeka Walk while you’re lying down in the car taking a breather =(

Somehow by God’s grace I was able to board the return flight this morning, KOéd for about half the flight home and came back feeling super rejuvenated spiritually and emotionally, but drained physically.

Will write out the details, lessons learnt, all the experiences and the miracles sometime this week. My life is never the same after returning from Medan!!!

I will return there in the coming years to help them in whatever way I can


Even in this busy hour, the last few before flying to Medan.

Just wanna take some time off to pen some thoughts

Preparing for this trip: has officially changed my life, even before going!!!

Leading an adult CG there, maybe preaching at a youth outreach for high school students (not confirmed yet)

Doing a hip-hop routine during the weekends……

I’ve never felt this joyful, this happy before in my time at SOT. This time we’re going out, to change lives, to change the world.

We’re on the verge on something great here: team 20 and the 25+ odd of us going there is gonna ROCK and TURN MEDAN UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!

And we’ll never be the same once we return, I’m sure of it. Even in the midst of doing God’s work I’ve found Joy and a new passion. No prizes for guessing!!!

Hip hop. It has helped me to rebuild my self-esteem. And in the long run maybe a social butterfly?? Haha!!! That’ll be a bonus!! (not tt impt mind you)

And I’m not gonna let anything bring me down, or rob me of my joy in serving. Let’s do it everyone!!!

Time to chiong my two sermons before flying off tomorrow morning: Cya back on tuesday morning!!!

Watch this space


Newfound passions of late:

Hip Hop

It’s gonna develop my confidence, expression of self and ultimately self-esteem.

Plus current ones:

Marathon Running

To keep my eyes focused on the goal: The finish line. To endure, excel and overcome.

And the ultimate dream: Qualifying for the Boston by age 33

In the meantime, will go for London Marathon in 2014 (while studying in LSE for Masters-by faith)

One life: Live it boldly, bravely with no regrets!!!

Gonna enjoy, excel and be joyful for the rest of 2010 and beyond!!!

End of a phase in SOT, start of a new phase with SIM-UOL, AIA, Usher ministry, CHC & MY zone, personal life etc.

And the ultimate calling as an Economist, impacting the world, becoming a renowned influencer of businesses and societies.

Even one day owning:

Alvin believes it can be done before I turn 40. Can I do it??

It’s a simple matter of having faith big enough for it, and exercising it

‘It’s not how you begin the race, it’s how you finish it. And enjoying the scenery and adventure along the way.’

Every test, trial and obstacles will make it all the more sweeter:

Bring it on

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