After 4.5 months of living an adventure titled SOT, it all comes down to this:

Mission trip!!

Everything we trained and equipped for: all the truths of the bible, those up and down experiences, training in deliverance ministry, hosting and organizing cell groups, preaching bullet-speed sermons in 7 minutes, moving and exercising our spiritual and ministry gifts.

Now it’s the real thing

Medan awaits, and it’s gonna be a packed 5 days of back-to-back work:

Touchdown on thursday morning and a cell group to host that night.

A youth outreach plus another cell group on friday.

Healing ministry at a drug rehab centre on saturday morning, 2 services and a dance item on saturday.

Another youth service plus 4 services to preach/support on sunday, with children’s church to back up on weekends too.

One day of R&R on national day before flying back on Tuesday morning.

So much work!!!!

But I’m thankful for this opportunity to impact lives, paired up together with Ming Jiao to do CG. (Seeing her grow from a girl with low self-esteem into a bold preacher, and those mornings of speaking into her life and envisioning her becoming a teacher is beginning to happen =) proud of her!!)

Working together with 20-25 other SOT students to work/minister/preach at several locations over the weekend. Having the chance to offer my life testimony at one of the services there.(subject to pst kim hock’s approval)

What started as an innocent willingness to help out in anyway ended up with me being selected to do a hip-hop dance routine for the youth services. Yes I know, don’t laugh people!!! Even a straight-faced self-confessed boring guy can be trained to dance hip-hop!!! Hahaha.

Speaking of which: Learning to dance has given me a liberating feeling and a heightened sense of self-esteem. Dunno why, but it feels so free to just move with the flow, feeling the groove and expressing yourself freely. (Yes, the moves are hard, gotta coordinate your mind and your body to move as one, it takes time) With plenty of repetition and muscle aches to boot too.

Which led me to reevaluate why I do certain things: being a marathon/distance runner trained my will and self-discipline. To endure, persevere and push my limits. From a weak, low-blood pressure person to a trained (slightly above average) marathoner. And I love dancing cos it feels free. Reminds myself of my youthfulness with vibrance and energy, and also a sense of liberation and confidence to freely express myself in movement.

Once I’ve cleared my debts and have cash to burn: I’m gonna sign up for O school and do hip-hop as a hobby.

Who knows? Someday I might just perform on stage with a dance crew!! lol And I’m sure those days of training at JW and O school’s gonna pay off with a smashing performance in Medan. We’re gonna do it guys!! (Janice, Jesher, Wan Teng and Ming Jiao) =)

And I’ve never felt happier ever since, yes. It’s been hyper busy doing things and running here and there, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and apply the word, doing God’s work in the field, seeing signs and wonders. What a privilege and honor.

It’s gonna be a wild & crazy 5 days at medan boys & girls!!! =)