Arrgh… Haven’t got this exhausted in a long, long time!!!

Super drained since all the havoc in school last week, with all the ‘stuff’ happening with pst mike and ministry last weekend. Now ending up in a prolonged state of fatigue this week….

To top it all off, an inflamed molar resulted in my first mc frm Sot, doing a root canal op is no fun, no fun at all!!! (imagine having your jaw opened wide for 2+ hours straight taking x-rays, drills, incisions etc) and the humongous headache afterwards.

Not to mention having to study for all those tests and M5 on friday. Could really use a miracle now, and OPM in school aft cg this fri, scheduled to complete another 2 reviews plus the remainder of my sermon outlines on sat. And on duty again this weekend.

So, forgive me for lack of a social life in the coming weeks yeah? A brief sneak for those of you thinking of enrolling into SOT next year. Haha, it’s v tiring but worthwhile!!

Gd news?? Unexpected stuff has happened in ministry…. Getting exactly what I’ve been praying for since feb: just that it came sooner than expected…. Ask me for more details if ya wanna know 😉

And the day where everyone’s waiting for (and I kinda wish it wouldn’t come, yet). Ya, that day when this author was born. How paradoxical it is: after the 1st no of your age hits 2, u kinda wish it’ll halt right there and then. Instead……(horror of horrors) time speeds up faster and faster!!! (by the way, I still remb those days when I was 18-20 ok…. Young and innocent, lol)

Yeah, signin’ off now. Back to more (u guessed it) work….