Just a quickie before rushing back to work, work and MORE work

I dunno if it’s last night or what: felt like crap for the past 3 days. Can’t even complete one round at the reservoir, so lethargic in the things I normally do. Unable to focus at CG on fri, and keeping up with the workload @ SOT. Keeping up with social norms, such as watching my first World cup game of the entire tournament (yes, that’s how busy I am). Even a whole day’s rest on sat didn’t really boost my energy. And even during service there were times I nearly collapsed from exhaustion while serving.

Is it me, or am I heading for another burnout?

I need a good break. Haven’t took a holiday since ORDing last August:  Jumped straight into work, then enrolling into SOT, now coming to an end before jumping into Uni. And oh yes: the new career @ AIA to build my financial base too.

I’m just tired of life la, need a good looooong break. A week maybe? Of doing nothing and just relaxing and enjoying quiet solitude where I can really reflect, the select few friends to share my life, angst, sorrows and joys with.

On a bright side: at least my 23rd’s coming!! Could really do with something to brighten up my days. Giving giving and constant giving really stretches your capacity….And from time to time I really need to let it ALL OUT. This is one of those days.

Alright, not to worry: it’s off my chest!!!