Friday was fun!!!!

Freshman orientation was great yesterday: Met new friends and had networking opportunities, advice on studies and paths ahead. There were about 500+ of us having orientation that day: (Accounting & Finance, Maths & Econs, Econs & finance, Econs & Mgmt and finally Pure Econs).

Had plenty of fun with my OG (orientation group) as well, did lotsa crazy stuff like dodgeball, shuttle run with maths questions (mental calculations), plenty of name games, truth or dare (and one or two were really hyper/crazy) knew people from all walks of life (a big no of Jc grads, some poly grads, a regular Signals Lieutenant and even an academic taking a second degree).

Erm, to be honest I haven’t exactly found classmates for pure Economics yet; really the killer course many had said? On the bright side: at least the OG friends will look to me for any help in econs subjects, so at least got some khakis in sch liao =)

On a serious side: this is home, where I wanna be. To actually live out and prepare for my calling as a economist/advisor. The ability to look far, far ahead of anybody else, reading the situation and preparing for it in advance. Gonna make a Timetable that will sort out time for studies, work, personal devotional time, friends/relationships/family, personal time, research and exercise.

Ok, looks like everybody’s going on twitter. So gonna sign up for one by August (have to keep up with the times too!), subscribing to magazines like Time, Economist, WSJ and watching news channels like CNA, Bloomberg, CNBC etc. Keeping in touch with LSE’s latest research studies and journals and also making a point to complete a book every fortnight (and it’s those economic theory books, not too much on fiction, sigh, also on christian books as well). On hindsight, I have SOT to thank for this habit: book reviews really came in handy!!

I’ve found my home at SIM-UOL!!! =) Gonna drive all the way to my first class honours and win that postgraduate scholarship for LSE. Gonna visualize it happening in Aug 2013 =)

Alright, back to my book review, the coming week’s gonna be crazy. SOT and church peeps know what I’m referring to 😉 And gonna meet up with OG this coming fri too!!

Insights and revelations, to foresee and make things happen in society:

Matthew 5:14, 16

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.