Preaching test is over!!!

Four days of preparing messages, searching for verses, burning the midnight oil. 2-3 hours of sleep a day and power preaching for 7 mins daily. Woah, it’s over at last.

Sure feels great to preach and humbled by every chance to speak from the pulpit. And what’s interesting and funny is seeing everybody’s style and creativity coming through, lol!!!

(Think steve munsey from Jesh, worship cum benny hinn from Alvin, ABCs and XYZs from Eileen and Janice, John Bevere from myself, Joyce Meyer from Joyce [such a cliche, I know] )

Alright, back to the point of the post: Gonna segregate this to the past, future and the present.


Met up with Ivan, Randy and Derrick 3 days ago for break: Shocked to find the state of UNI going from bad to worse: especially since April!!! Company revenue literally falling like a brick, and worse still: the management starting to go berserk in treating their staff. Entire teams of staff have left with many colleagues like R receiving the pink slip, and D preparing to leave next week.

Oversaturation of programmes produced, especially flooding the oil & gas sector. Teams literally fighting it out for dwindling sales and management penalizing the staff for lack of sales. How do you punish staff for not making sales when they’re forced to call the same departments and managers/engineers at the same time? Then you go dismissing the experienced core of the sales staff and expect the new staff to jump in and produce sales?? What happened to common sense?

Saddening part was this happened after I left the place. Now I know why I felt led to leave UNI for SOT. Anyway, pray that the management come to their senses asap. Especially for Jayden and Lara needing to produce revenue for their teams…


Just when I thought that weakness in my life was getting better: BAM, got hit and provoked by comments again….Well, it’s no secret I do get pissed off at careless remarks made, especially when it comes to work. I’m dead serious when work comes.

Then again: if the same thing keeps happening again and again, isn’t it clear that a lesson remains to be learnt and a test to be passed?

Provocation will always come. People are different. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. It’s a clear sign I haven’t really changed my attitude when it comes to accepting differences in people. Sigh, gotta buck up and be more patient. Especially if I want to be a loving leader over lives.

The revelation from Nehemiah 4 clearly isn’t coincidence also: If the walls of my heart aren’t fortified, attacks can still come in and penetrate and do damage isn’t it? Strength, self-control from all those damaging thoughts and words, learning to self-censor my words, thoughts, actions and motives were the first step. Now accepting the differences in others without compromising my values and work ethics seem to be next.

On a plus side: at least dad’s nicer these days. Tension’s gone down and it feels better speaking to him without the usual clash of egos for a change.

Anyway, I really need a breakthrough in this area with people. Need to humble myself again….


I’m already seeing myself graduating from SOT. Things are gonna change BIG TIME.

First, the very first thing I learnt is to multi-task. Not to be so overwhelmed by loads of work. Gonna juggle between Econs degree with AIA, making appointments and closing cases. Family, friends, ministry, any future relationships, personal time/goals, quiet tim etc. In other words, not to think so much and focus on the task at hand. And keeping my joy and optimism intact

Planning ahead has always been my forte, strategic planning, step by step, from UOL to masters, improving relations with my family, making progress on my personal growth (strength, courage, self-control), focusing on my ministry gifts as a teacher/prophet. Even having a ten-year plan from now: degree, masters, marriage, family, calling, etc etc. Yep, I’m a visionary at heart.

But I know there’s immense tests and struggles that are yet to come. For something so great and glorious to come will come greater trials than ever before. And this is simply a trial run. Gonna wrestle with myself, disciplining myself like never before and leaning more on God as the years go by. And this time, there’ll be people lined up to test my self-control, strength and patience. And still loving them despite everything that may happen.

To think things will slow down after preaching test, wishful thinking.

5 more assignments, 5 sermon outlines, mission trip and tests, M5 & M9 to clear before contracting with AIA, Part-time work and the list goes on…..

That’s life Hector, you gotta get used to it. If you want the prize you gotta pay the price