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Time to list this down before it slips off my head – again.

To-do list:

1: A lifetime of research, especially the word. It’s application in lives of people. And bringing the word to life, making it practical, logical and realistic. (Also to add the oomph factor, especially for all the agnostics, atheists whom need to see proof that God is real)

2: Writing an expository sermon on Nehemiah, especially chapters 3-6. On defences, countering deception, courage and fortitude in trials and resisting attempts to frighten/discourage.


Because once they’ve seen you conquer and rebuild the fortification, there’s no way to assault directly into your heart anymore.

And that’s why they’re doing all they can to stop you now, before it’s too late.

3: Another sermon on Esther, also on dealing with enemies. When they plot against you, they’re indirectly digging their own grave.

Proof? Look at the story of Haman plotting against Esther and her father Mordecai. As it ends: Haman was hung from the very gallows he made to hang Mordecai

4: After today’s sermon on father’s day……Well, our earthly fathers do make mistakes. Especially my own.

I’m gonna pour out my heart in the next few lines: In fact it takes a brave soul to even reveal his underbelly, his dark past on a public blog like this. But then again: why hide? There’s a reason I’m revealing this too, to encourage those out there whom have a problem with their own fathers.

Especially in the area of unforgiveness, bitterness.

First up, let me expound into men, their very nature. Why? Cause I’m one myself. By nature, we’re territorial, aggressive beings. Hunters, warriors, fighters. We’ve a pretty short fuse and when things don’t go the way we want it:

Armageddon, world war three, volcanic eruption of catastrophic proportions occur

Okay, exaggerating a tad here but you get the point? Men are like that!! we need to see results, acting hard, cold, tough when we’re actually afraid to reveal our soft sides. This is especially true in Asian cultures, where the man must stand strong.

Don’t get me wrong: yes, men must be strong. But there is a time and place for that too!! Knowing when to be gentle and soft, and when to be firm and tough!!! This is especially critical in the realm of relationships and families. It’s precisely because of this I’ve been affected, and stunted in emotional growth, anger/temper problems and self-centeredness in my growing years.

And I’ve struggled with unforgiveness with my dad for years. There were horrific encounters with him, especially as a young boy..

I’m gonna list down some of them, but please, don’t hold anything against my dad: It was the past

1: An incident with the chopper when I was 8

2: Having my schoolbag thrown off the balcony when I was 9

3: Constantly subject to blasts of temper from 7-15

4: Facing an oppressive, tense and unloving environment throughout my youth

5: Him banging against my door and threatening to break in, shouting threats while engaged in conference prayer with J & A this year. It was so terrifying that I wept, yes, a 22-year-old man can weep because of fear from his dad.

Plenty of reasons to be bitter and unforgiving, doesn’t it?

Well, I choose to forgive, and to forget. Like Joseph. Why bother? It’s in my past now. And Jesus has given me a new life to walk in and the old man has passed away, freely embracing the new man prepared for my life.

Please, everyone out there, learn to forgive and let go. Why bother killing yourself over wrongs done in your life? Nobody’s perfect.

And once you’ve truly let go: I promise you, there’ll be real liberty. A fresh hope, joy and love for people will come into your heart. And what’s beautiful is also that you won’t keep any offence in your heart anymore, what’s the point? Why bother remembering the things that hurt you?

It’s painful, I know. After all it took me an encounter and real love for my dad to let him go despite all those horrible things. And I know that he loves me, and I love him too. Like how Jesus loves people, even the mockers, those who hated him, those who betrayed and killed him. Be brave, forgive anyone who has trespassed you, love them. After all, God still loves you despite all of your trespasses.

What’s the point of being right, when you can still be wrong? Winning the argument, and losing friendships/relationships in the process? I see so many  intellectuals, successful men and women. Being so correct logically, ending up being lonely and depressed. All because of pride, unforgiveness, unwilling to love and give in.

In the words of a strategist, gaining a tactical victory and conceding a strategic loss. (winning the battle but losing the war in layman terms)

Everyone out there reading this, please, learn to forgive…..everyone who has trespassed against you. I know you can do it, because I have, and I’ll still press in. I won’t give up on people, especially my dad despite all that he has done.

And the key to forgiveness: forget also!!!! Throw away every negative and painful experience. And if you’re christian, trust it upon the Lord!!! Choose to remember no more and love/bless them!!!

It may take time, months, years even. Learn to forgive and let go, step by step.

You can do it

Anyway, been receiving revelation after revelation the last 3 days, really fruitful too!! For once I’m able to focus and press in, created a whole new sermon on prosperity: from a completely new perspective too!!

And revelation also means: revealing, unveiling of whatever’s hidden. A gift of knowledge granted by a higher power.

Okay, enough talk, back to sermon prep: 4 more outlines to go!!!!

Be fruitful

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