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If there’s one thing that burdens me with people out there:

It’s the lack of a clear vision in their lives. Without vision people wonder, without vision people regress.

Imagine all that unrealised potential hidden inside each and every one of us. If only we could somehow wake up every sleeper within. The world would have infinite possibilities for change.

Great change, improving lives everywhere.

There’s this vision birthed forth within me since April: Setting up an economic consultancy, to specialize in various industries and consult every major corporation/government with important decisions, directions and setting of clear goals for them. And making them happen.

I see universities, institutions, boardrooms and convention centers. Thousands, maybe millions of youths getting a clear vision of their lives, living out their dreams through the organization i will lead. Planting hope in the lives of millions, making sure their dreams come to pass, a way out of poverty through education and support.

And this is the craziest, wackiest dream I’ve ever conceived. All thanks to Alvin!!! Someday I’ll buy over LFC. And this time, I’ll dedicate significant resources for the management. Seeing it grow from glory to glory, never again will there be any lack!! When the time has come, this family will be another source of hope and inspiration for millions worldwide, to do great works, to be a shining light for youths everywhere.

And it’ll be owned for the people, by the people. I’ll just be a steward of this family of hope and joy.

You’ll never walk alone