In a super pensive mood right now.

After reflecting on 2010 so far, so much has happened. Being built up, fortified in my faith. Broken in areas of weakness, strengthened by his grace. And the privilege of a plethora of experiences in the past 5.5 months.

Building up a moderately successful career before God asked me to leave, and to set my life straight

From a brash ‘act first think later’ attitude to a careful one of watching my words and thoughts before actually letting ém through

Building an intimate relationship with the holy spirit

Realizing some of the hidden potential and gifts that lie within, both natural and physical

Seeing some impossible things happen during SOT, and more that is to come

Learning to be a more people person than before, and somehow bumping into more annoying and provocative people around (Or perhaps I’m just too sensitive)

That gift of prophecy, foresight, to read into situations, to write, that thirst for gathering knowledge, collating and re-presenting it from another perspective, the raw drive, that never give up, uncompromising and battle-readiness for any fight personality trait. What has been added unto me the last 8 months

Time for a stock-take, Let’s make the last 2.5 months of SOT count, mean something, leave an impact into lives out there.

And while finishing up the book on Foundational truths, came upon this verse.

Luke 12:48

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.

It’s about time I gave something back to the body of christ.

Haha, seriously won’t be surprised if this is the rhema word for all SOT grads

And yes, oddly enough from a football fanatic: I don’t really look forward to this edition of World cup. My appetite for football has went down of late……Partly cause of what happened to Liverpool perhaps, or just that there’s other pressing concerns to attend to.

Either way: It’ll make up somewhat to see either Gerrard/Mascherano/Torres or Lahm lift the World cup in July 11

All I ask for is a better 2010/11 season. And I speak in the 4th dimension that Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano will NOT LEAVE.

Defy the critics, defy the papers, that’s what they think/want. Rumours are just that: rumours