Another hectic week, more explosive revelations revealed.

and if it sounds out of this world, I make no apologies. Cos it’s really that intense, for lack of a better description.

Now going through the sermon on the mount, my heart is now subject to test after test, painful circumcision after painful circumcision. I’ve officially come to a crossroad in my time here:

It’s impossible to lean on my own strength now: Living entirely on his grace and strength

Otherwise, how else to explain that encounter on thursday morning?

Unbelievable it may seem, but I spoke with the holy spirit face to face. He came in the form of a handsome, young man with a bright countenance. Always smiling, and he just came into the room when I was struggling to move my body to do quiet time. Well, was half asleep at the time, but his presence was so reassuring, comforting, and had a brief conversation with him.

And he knew the matters that were troubling me, he knew my heart, and he answered them without me saying anything……..

Conviction came upon myself after that, was so determined to seek him in the secret place after that. That’s how I received the revelation through Nehemiah 4.  Keeping your weapon ready to fend off the enemy while working.

Fitting for many of us don’t you think?

Now I understand these verses fully: Matthew 5:4 and Matthew 5:8

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Meekness: humility with respect and gentleness. Yeah I know, sounds unlike me, the old me that is.

Time to kill that old self, the old Kok Ann, and let the new Hector John arise. No more going back to the old ways any longer.

It’s gonna be tough, painful

But if it has to be done, let it be your will, not mine