Can’t sleep

At least not while there’s work to be done.

Dad has left for Japan, meaning I have the house all to myself. Now I can pray in peace, prepare my work and a break from all those snide comments on sot and the church.

Even as I type this, P&W is blasting from my iTunes. My spiritual fuel when doing all those reviews and getting inspiration on sermon outlines.

Now I truly understand what all preachers, pastors, Zone supervisors and CGLs go through when it comes to preparing sermons. Taking care of the sheep, making sure their needs are met, preparing fresh bread, ensuring hydration through the holy spirit’s presence. And balancing their own lives, having their needs met by God. And maintaining their close relationships with the lord himself.

It’s no easy task, but even then. He reminds me, reminds us that it is impossible to do all that without him.

Even on outing today, had all those crazy ideas for sermon outlines: After that special encounter last thursday, I’ve sorted out my sermon about the holy spirit. And seeing all those ads competing for attention: another sermon idea flew in my head

The spiritual firewall: How to screen and protect your heart and mind from conflicting thoughts from the enemy. And dealing with your own doubts and fears

Overcoming, the paths and the reward for those who endure: The book of revelations 2-3 speaks about John’s messages to the seven churches of Asia. On the need to watch and guard against our actions. And the rewards to come for those whom overcome

Those who have an ear, let him hear.

And yes, that’s just two ideas, there’s definitely more to come.

Two more weeks to go: preaching test is coming!!!

And mission trip right after my 23rd birthday: July 22nd-25th in Jakarta

Gonna douse the whole place with the spirit in a fortnight.

If there is just one thing I can ask of you lord: Wisdom and knowledge of Solomon

With wisdom he governed the nation of Israel

With wisdom he made peace with all of Israel’s enemies

With wisdom he led Israel into its’ most prosperous age

With wisdom he acquired immense riches and bore fruitfulness

With wisdom he left behind a lasting legacy which will endure to the end of time: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Let me do it with you Lord. Let me see the great things done by you, starting in Indonesia