Faced my physical giant on saturday, as posted before: This time round the run is challenging in almost every aspect except the run itself.

Night kinda started on a bad footing, somehow the race organizers put the starting point in a super ULU place at Changi aviation centre (meaning only two lanes available for traffic, you guessed it, jam jam jam). End up the shuttle took 20 mins to reach from pasir ris central plus an extra waiting time of an hour plus.

Meaning, I missed the flag-off by 35 mins. Was kinda annoyed at that. Then well again….so much has happened over the past few months already, what is this to compare? lol

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise, ended up having a clear run ahead!! The first 10km was literally mine to burn. Very few runners were on the path, meaning I can power through with no worries of dodging human traffic and the silence and solitude of running in night was soothing and therapeutic.

Sooner or later, you have to bump into the slow pokes. Then the weaving in and out of traffic began. Aid stations running low on 100 plus, literally no stations providing gels (Thank god I brought my own), and the whole of East Coast lighting up like Christmas @ Orchard road. Was smooth sailing and fun for the first 20-24km.

This time round, I decided to try out a new strategy: enforced walking after 23km. Cause’ I realized the cramps always came around the 24-26km mark. So….it kinda worked to a certain extent. No major cramps this time round until 28km. And even then, experience, grit, discipline and willpower pulled through with those moderate cramps (and oh btw, it still hurts) and discovered a new, creative way of using my upper body to power through with those dead aching legs.

and even then, running at night has its’ own magic. The night breeze, the quiet surroundings, the feeling it’s just you, you alone. Had a long time of deep personal reflection and looking at other runners even as they run by. The ultra runners, marathoners, 21 click and 10 click runners. Everyone has their own race to run. It’s not fair to compare with others how far, how tough or how glorious their run is. But to finish the race together, finishing it strong. Literally a lifetime of experiences flash by when running a marathon at night.

This is why I’m addicted to marathons. Its’ a personal challenge, an inspiration to others that the only impossible is you.

And yep, even with the lack of training and rest, always had this feeling I could break the 5 hour barrier this time round. And applying what I’d learnt in Dr Cho’s book review and sermon on the 4th dimension……

Chip time: 4 Hours 52 minutes. Gun time: 5 hours 27 minutes.

It did come to pass.

To all (aspiring) marathon runners out there. Let Isaiah 40:29-31 be your bread.

Running on!! Stanchart next, and an Ultra within 2 years!!!