Also known as ‘the stairway to heaven’ in Na’vi.

Why the post on this?

Been addicted to watching Avatar ever since downloading it last month: Seeing the story of Jake Sully leaving Earth, the second choice to replace his twin brother for the avatar program. Ostracized by Grace Augustine as a simple jarhead and eventually becoming one of the Omaticaya Na’vi.

Eventually, Jake was forced to make a freudian choice: Back the agenda of his human bosses at the RDA? Or follow his heart to defend the Na’vi? Not to mention him finding love with the chief’s daughter: Neytiri.

And so Jake made his choice: to defend the Na’vi and taming the legendary Toruk. It eventually progresses to an all out war between the humans and the Na’vi.

And by their own strength the Na’vi were able to inflict some damage. But even strength and valor wasn’t enough to stop the humans.

Happily though, it’s eywa (mother goddess of Pandora) and the Pandoran wildlife which came to the rescue.

We know the rest, the humans were expelled, Jake finding his home, his love and transferred himself from his old broken body to his new Na’vi body.

A typical story of a zero to hero? Maybe in the eyes of many. But not to me.

It reveals the story of life in which many of us are going through. A zero, a nothing, we do feel we’re called to certain positions in life cause there is no one else. We’re the second choice, the replacement, the substitute. And oft-times we’re ridiculed, mocked at and despised for being true to ourselves. For not conforming to the world and eventually them turning against us. And Jake taming the toruk symbolizes the great and oft-times impossible giants we’ve to slay to grow. And before we fulfil our destinies/calling, one mighty battle has to be fought. And it can be in the form of objections? People? Circumstances? Or it can even be ourselves!!

And usually our own strength can last us a while, but how much can we make from it? Eventually it’ll run out and there needs to be a miracle, or a divine intervention. Which is where God comes in, non-believers and atheists can mock and critique all they want. But at the end of the day, one thing that reigns true is that we do need divine help at times.

But one thing for sure, when the victory comes, when the breakthroughs come. Peace and joy will abound, and it’ll all have been worth it.

And Jake’s spirit transferring from his old body into his new? well…..kinda reminds us of forsaking our fallen nature, our flesh and accept the new life promised to us. If only we learn to accept it and let go of our pasts, our fears.

Yeah, all that came in a sudden realization today. That all of us, all, are a somebody in life. Let no man take away what God has given to each of us. Nobody has the right to put you down without cause except you yourself. Only you can allow who comes in close to care for you, to even hurt you, but at the end of the day. There’s a hero/heroine in each and every one of us!!!

To receive our blessings and promises, all it takes is a step of faith. The stairway to heaven.


Sidetracking a little: the battle’s beginning tomorrow. Nonstop serving for three days lie ahead. A veritable marathon of work before running an actual one on sat night. So doing all I can to prepare now, carbo-loading like mad. (Think spaghetti, rice, noodles, pasta, bread) plus loads of fluids and energy bars and one last conditioning run tonight at the usual place.

And resting up as much as I can, the war begins tomorrow.

Let’s go!!!