Today’s an unusual day

Slept and rested most of the day. Yep, that’s right. Kinda unusual eh? lol

Even after collecting the race pack from raffles city yest, having a really good brotherly time with J & A last night. Felt unusually nervous and anticipation over next week’s marathon.

Butterflies are flying all over, even though it’s my third marathon, this time round it’s significant:

1: Smack in the middle of Asia conference

2: Doing it in one of my ‘stretching’ periods

3: There isn’t much preparation this time round. Not a lot of training

4: Even then, I gotta feeling I can hit below 5 hours, maybe even 4h 45 min this time.

5: And going back to expo the next day, hopefully in one piece, as in able to stand and walk, NOT LIMPING AROUND. haha

Okay, supposed to be typing my reviews now. Will go for a round at reservoir to soothe my nerves. Then it’s back to work.

Au revoir!!