What a week this has been:

A nonstop rollercoaster that shows no sign of abating. Whatever happened this week, it ended in a massive, massive breakthrough in almost everything

A new attitude and worldview, a greater heart for people and capacity. The ability to love people even more. And being more sensitive to the holy spirit.

From being burdened and stressed where’s my next paycheck gonna come from: a new job came in the blink of an eye

From emotional trauma to reconciliation in the space of 24 hours in the family from the most loving source: Mum

From being burdened, desperate and the verge of a breakdown: God reassured, delivered me and I received new visions, reminders, more spiritual gifts and even greater anointing of the holy spirit.

From never experiencing holy laughter, now I’ve laughed and got drunk in the spirit not once but three times this week. Feels good to be set free emotionally and in the spirit =)

And today, interpreted tongues for a total stranger and prophesied into his life. And the amazing thing was: not only was it accurate, but it moved him to tears

And the first time he spoke to me in a way that I’ve never heard anyone spoke into my life before: My life ahead with God summarized into a word:


So many things are lying ahead, education, family, relationships, journeys and adventures into the unknown, so many new experiences and places I’ve never imagined lie ahead. One thing’s for sure, this life I’m gonna live will never have a dull moment, it’s gonna be exciting and full of unexpected twists.

So whoever ends up as my life partner……well. She needs to be ready for adrenaline rushes and heart attacks!! lol

It’s gonna be a hell of a ride ahead.

Buckle up: 4 months to go!!!!!