After all that’s been happening lately, took some time off assignments to chill and watch some movies.

And there were three which stood out.

I am Legend

The story of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville: the last man alive in New York, maybe the last in the world. Alone, with no one for company except his faithful dog. Yet he works tirelessly to find a cure for a pandemic which wiped out humanity in the space of 3 years.

Even while working tirelessly, periodic flashbacks of his family and their last moments, their memories were which kept him going. His faith, hope and belief in finding a cure even when all hope seems lost really speaks a lot into many situations in people’s lives. And the beautiful part is even though burning out and how hopeless his situation was, especially with the undead swarming his home: Dr Neville finally found the miracle cure for the disease. After 3 years.

Quotes from the movie:

When asked if he ever took a break:

“those things destroying the world aren’t taking a day off, why should I?”

And his driving force:

“Light up the darkness”

And that was his legend, God played a work in his life. He completed it as his life’s purpose and he sacrificed himself to defend it

Deep Impact

Ever thought about if we faced a situation that the world we know is coming to an end? What would you do?

You can choose to be selfish and look out only for yourself, or you can choose to be noble and selfless, sacrificing yourself for the greater good of others.

The story of a local reporter made good, becoming a national icon. The haphazard team sent to destroy the comet eventually gelling together. Before making the fateful decision to sacrifice themselves to save the world: by diving head-on into the comet with armed nukes. The boy whom discovered the comet marrying his girl just to get her and her family into the underground ark.

And when faced with a worsening situation, the US president announced the bad news that the comet hadn’t been destroyed/deflected: He gave this encouragement to the American people in the face of adversity:

“I wish……no, wishing is wrong. That’s the wrong word right now, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is…..I believe in God, I know a lot of you don’t. But I still want to offer a prayer,  for our survival, mine included. Because I believe that God, whomever you hold him to be. He answers all prayers, even though sometimes the answer is no. So may the lord bless you, may the lord keep you. So may the lord lift up his divine countenance upon you, and give you peace.”

That is what I call inspiration. What all leaders should aim to be.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy It’s a beautiful movie, the king of all movies, it triumphs over the Matrix, Avatar, Star Wars, over absolutely anything and everything because it includes everything: friendship, love, courage, character, perseverance, faith, loyalty and adversity. Beautifully combined and synthesized into this masterpiece.

Aragorn’s rise from an obscure, lone ranger to the new King of Gondor.

How he fulfilled his destiny, despite all those trials, discouragements, doubts from even himself if he was ever fit to take up the throne, even though it was his rightful inheritance because of his bloodline.

Sounds familiar? =) This speaks to many of us about whatever promises we’ve received. Myself included.

And he rose up eventually, because he was forced to. There was no other choice, because he is the last man left to save Gondor and the world of men. This is why Aragorn has been one I’ve looked up to. He symbolizes men in nature: doubtful of themselves but when the time came, brave, selfless and absolutely fierce and committed to the cause. And he only took the throne not because of ambition or pride, but to save his people and uphold his promise to Boromir.

And finally, the battle for Gondor. With no one leading the Gondorian army after Denethor’s insanity, Gandalf took command and resisted the orcs for almost the entire night. Endless sieges, catapults, trolls and onrushing of enemies eventually took its’ toll on the defenders. But with the dawn, hope came:

The arrival of the Rohirrim Calvary.

6000 against 250,000 enemies. Impossible odds. They didn’t have to come, yet they did. There’s no guarantee of them winning the fight, not even returning home alive, yet they still came.

And they fought ferociously. Charging headlong into the enemy at the cost of their own. Irregardless of who the enemy was: Orcs, Trolls, Giant Mumakil and even the Nazgúl. They still fought bravely, because of their loyalty to their king and country, upholding their oaths until the very end.

And yes, there was a happy ending, we all know how the story panned out. And it’s getting pretty late. So we shall end it here shall we?

And now my problems seem so small compared to the ones all of them had: so why am I so upset? This is just a small bump. I’m gonna have faith and continue enjoying the rollercoaster ride =)