Been a really topsy-turvy 24 hours.

Those of you around me: you know what happened, shan’t say too much. All I can say is: whatever it is, it happened for a reason.

It’s probably the worst day I’ve ever felt at school. Unable to focus on the lesson and carrying a heavy weight throughout. Those 4 hours were the worst and longest. Emotional wounds ran so deep, it literally hurt to even speak or express any emotion.

Took an hour after school to let it all out, literally ranted and screamed at A & J. Took some personal heart-to-heart chats and casted out my inner demons, the biggest one being the fear of loneliness. Literally screamed them outta me.

It’s all right guys, I’m ok =)

Had a good dinner with mum too, had many revelations on the family’s past. Why things turned out the way it did and how she suffered for the sake of the family. Even though some stuff is too personal to mention up here, I do know my mum’s the greatest woman in the world. And I’ll never repeat the same mistakes my dad made with my wife and family. My kids and her wil be my treasure, even if i lose everything else on earth, I’ll still be happy knowing that I’ve fought for them, protected them, loved them, and I’ll never compromise them for anything else along with God.

A lesson learnt, whatever happens: You can let it choose to affect you, or you can choose to step up, snap out of it and do something about the situation. It takes courage, faith, a willing heart and most importantly: strength. To last the distance, to decide and choose the path to take, to withstand everything thrown at you with grace and poise, knowing that with him by your side: You’ll never walk alone.

Well, onto something else dear to my heart: Liverpool

This has been one of the hardest season’s to take in my twelve years. The weight of expectations literally killed off the team.

Atmosphere at Harry’s was probably the lowest I’ve ever felt. Low to the point where we cheered Gerrard’s ‘assist’ and Lampard’s finish. Well, I’m still proud of the team , proud of the twelfth men. We can still march on and sing bravely despite all that’s happened. I’ve seen worse times and teams have risen and fell. Players like Judas, Luis Garcia, Sami Hyppia and Xabi Alonso have come and gone, managers have come and left, eras have begun and ended. There is always one constant: The kop, the twelfth man. We were there before the days of Shankly and we’ll be there all the way till the end. This is our strength, our pride, our uniqueness and identity.

And even if we never win anything ever again: it’s ok. We still love you, I’ll still love you, it’s a privilege and honor to even see you play week in week out, inspiring millions worldwide with passion and heart.

Life isn’t about glory all the time and I’m proud to be a part of this family. You’ll never walk alone (And I’ll wear next season’s Mascherano Jersey to Harry’s this sunday, defiantly proud)

Appearing on the New Paper’s simply a bonus, to those of you not there that day: well, too bad, always next season!!! =)